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I am feeling like we need a lot of prayers right now...Toby has been admitted to the hospital 3 times since Nov 6. Just admitted him again early this morning, Today the Dr was brutally honest and said he feels like "the end is near".  We have always been told that liver damage was a possibility as a result of all the seizure meds he has been on. Today, it has become a reality. They are running some tests again today, and will update me later. He was just admitted from Dec 27 -30, they ran a lot of tests to rule out as much as they could. They plan to run some of the same tests again today just to see if anything has changed. As of this morning they strongly feel his liver is not processing as it should. My heart is broken beyond belief right now. I am going back to the hospital soon to cuddle with my boy. Just hoping we can get a little more time with him, or better yet, maybe the Dr is wrong. Your prayers would mean so much right now!

UPDATE: We brought Toby home this morning. They ran more tests yesterday, as well as extracted fluid from his very swollen abdomen.  The pancreas was very dark in the most recent ultrasound. They also found very abnormal cells in the fluid. After the extended testing they now feel he may have matastiaic cancer, pancreatic cancer. The Dr's do not feel he is strong enough at this time to put him through any further testing or procedures. After in depth discussions with the Dr last night, and this morning, it was decided I would bring him home and keep him comfortable. I hope this was not a mistake to bring him home but the Dr said there really wasn't any more they could do for him other than keep him comfortable. I wanted him to be in his home environment where he would be the most comfortable and be snuggled and cuddled as much as he wants. Still remaining hopeful and praying for a miracle! 

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I am praying for you and your sweet boy right now! Sending much love!

Thinking of you and Toby.  It is so hard when something like this happens.  Hugs to you both.

Keeping you and Toby in my thoughts. Big hugs to you.

I am so sorry. I will be thinking of you.

I'm so sorry to hear this.  Thinking of you and your sweet Toby.

I am so sorry to read about Toby. My prayers are with you!

Sorry to see this about Toby.   Sending prayers for you and Toby.

Thinking of you and Toby... hoping for some positive news.


Sending prayers up right now. Try to stay strong and be there for your sweet boy. 

Prayers for you and sweet Toby.

I am certainly hoping for a positive outcome.  I had to put my girl to sleep in 2017 and it was so painful.  She was the sweetest thing.  Our family still misses her.  Prayers are certainly going up for Toby and you. Because I know you are struggling right now.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayer, I have been up to the hospital with him today, ultrasound showed enlarged liver and an enlarged gall bladder. Blood levels have changed since yesterday, not for the good. They have run more tests, ran a test for pancreatitis, Dr said some of the symptoms are common with pancreatitis, although most all of his symptoms are common with liver failure. They just wanted to rule out pancreatitis. Dr said since this has been ongoing for over a month it is most likely not pancreatitus but they want to be sure.  He is holding a lot of fluids right now, his tummy and abdomen are very pudgy from all the fluids he is holding. and the ultrasound showed a lot of fluids in the liver, which they said is not good.  Spent a few hours with him today, took him for a few walks which he seemed to enjoy, actually we both enjoyed the time together on the  walks. Still does not want to eat. He seemed pretty content laying on his bed while I was with him, but not snuggly like he is at home. Dr is suppose to call me later today with results from the pancreatitis test. Right before we left the Dr met with us quick and said if the pancreatitis test comes back negative then they are confident in their diagnosis of liver failure and we would discuss it from there. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as I am really struggling with this, still praying for a miracle here, a better outcome! Love my boy so much!



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