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I am feeling like we need a lot of prayers right now...Toby has been admitted to the hospital 3 times since Nov 6. Just admitted him again early this morning, Today the Dr was brutally honest and said he feels like "the end is near".  We have always been told that liver damage was a possibility as a result of all the seizure meds he has been on. Today, it has become a reality. They are running some tests again today, and will update me later. He was just admitted from Dec 27 -30, they ran a lot of tests to rule out as much as they could. They plan to run some of the same tests again today just to see if anything has changed. As of this morning they strongly feel his liver is not processing as it should. My heart is broken beyond belief right now. I am going back to the hospital soon to cuddle with my boy. Just hoping we can get a little more time with him, or better yet, maybe the Dr is wrong. Your prayers would mean so much right now!

UPDATE: We brought Toby home this morning. They ran more tests yesterday, as well as extracted fluid from his very swollen abdomen.  The pancreas was very dark in the most recent ultrasound. They also found very abnormal cells in the fluid. After the extended testing they now feel he may have matastiaic cancer, pancreatic cancer. The Dr's do not feel he is strong enough at this time to put him through any further testing or procedures. After in depth discussions with the Dr last night, and this morning, it was decided I would bring him home and keep him comfortable. I hope this was not a mistake to bring him home but the Dr said there really wasn't any more they could do for him other than keep him comfortable. I wanted him to be in his home environment where he would be the most comfortable and be snuggled and cuddled as much as he wants. Still remaining hopeful and praying for a miracle! 

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Stay strong  and let's pray for some great results.  I know you love Toby.

I'm so sorry Debbie, big hugs and courage to you as you deal with all this going on for sweet Toby.

I'm thinking of you and Toby.

I am so very sorry. I'm sending love to you and to Toby.

Sending prayers for a miracle Debbie.

Sending positive thoughts to you and Toby; Alma's big brother.  I'm sure he knows how much you love him with all he's been through.  Please keep me posted.

Has anyone heard the latest on Toby?  I was wondering how are things.

Just wanted to give another quick update...The Dr had decided to pull him off all phenobarb as they felt that was causing more irritation to the pancreas at this time. They doubled his Keppra to hopefully compensate. Yesterday he had 7 seizures. and then another one at 8:30 this morning. Despite having all the seizures yesterday he was getting his favorite ball and wanting to play, he was also eating small bites of boiled chicken and steamed sweet potatoes throughout the day. He was up most of the afternoon yesterday, seemed to be doing a  bit better and was barking at us to play ball with him. With the added Keppra yesterday to hopefully stop the cluster seizures, he did sleep well last. night. Today he is not wanting to eat much at all and is very tired. He wants to be right with myself and my husband at all times. I have been sleeping on the living room floor with him and he is staying right by me at all times. He has always been a mama's boy! I am in constant discussions with his Dr's and we are monitoring him very closely. We know we don't have much time left with him but we are trying to make the best of the time we have. His tummy and abdomen are still very swollen with fluid. It  breaks my heart to see him like this! But we are prepared to take him in as I don't want him to suffer or be in pain. We were just so excited yesterday that he was showing an interest in wanting to play with his ball, we take him out for potty and he wants to stay out and go for walks around the yard, and eating. We will see how the rest of today goes. I just don't want to give up on him too soon! Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers. 

Stay strong and enjoy your time with him. I know it hurts so much.  I didn't want to let my Kirby girl go either. It's so heartbreaking. However, we don't know God's plan yet.



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