Vaccine Symptoms

My dog got her vaccines done a couple weeks ago & still isn't herself. She used to have more energy & have the zoomies. (She doesn't anymore). Is this normal? Also she has a bald spot around where the shots were. Is that normal too? 

She also stopped liking her food after & ive tried 7 different kinds & she still won't eat it. Any suggestions ? 

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  • How old is she, and exactly what vaccines did she get? 

    • She's 1 year and 5 months. She got her Rabies shot & also had some blood work done that day to test for Heartworms which was negative. 

      • It's rare for a dog to have a reaction to a rabies shot. That's the only vaccine she got? She didn't get a distemper/parvo shot? (Sometimes called DAP or DHPL) No Bordatella, Lepto, Lyme, Flu vaccines? 

        You used the plural "vaccines" and "shots" in your original post. Blood work is not a shot, and it's taken from a different place. Is the hair missing around the spot where the blood was drawn, or where the rabies vaccine was injected? 

        Dogs do calm down a lot after their first birthday. Did you see a change in her energy level immediately after she had the rabies shot, or did that start more recently? 


        • She also got the Bordetalla shot as well! It's on her thigh where they gave her the shot. She had a lot of change is energy & didn't feel well for about a whole week after getting them so I gave her some Pedialyte. I thought maybe she was dehydrated from being sick and she became her normal self a little bit more but still doesn't have the zoomies! 

          • That might just be a maturity thing. :)
            FYI, bordatella vaccine can be given intranasally, instead of as an injection. That's how we've always done it for my dogs. And it can be given by a vet tech at a separate appointment. (So they don't charge you for an extra visit, just for the vaccine itself). For dogs who do have a reaction to vaccines, it helps to split them up and not give more than one at any given time.

            • Thanks ! :) what about the balding she's getting around her vacccine shot? 

              • I had never heard of this, but a little research uncovered this article, which says that hair loss following a rabies shot is seen in Poodles and a few othe related breeds (all small breeds with non-shedding coats.) The hair loss is usually permanent. 
                I personally would discuss this with my vet to see if there is anything that can be done to avoid this in the future. 
                You are also going to want to only give 3 year versions of the rabies vaccine rather than annual. 

                And this article, which advises intramuscular rather than subcutaneous injections and does also mention only using the 3 yr rabies vaccine.

                • Awesome! Thank you so much for your help :) 

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