I have been a long time member of DK and have met wonderful people and dogs on this site. I don't know how many old timers are still here, but I would like to let you know that our beloved Vern passed away yesterday on 8/23/2022.

I used to write a lot of blogs about Fudge and Vern and they can still be found with the search engine. Vern was the cover boy this year for the Labradoodle calendar!

Vern was the most amazing dog and will be missed. Our hearts feel empty and our house is even emptier. He had a great last day, which brings us comfort, and did not suffer.10785349884?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • I am so glad you posted this, Laurie. Vern has been so much a part of the DK community, and is loved by so many of us. He has made us laugh so often, and now, we are crying with you over his loss. He will always be part of this community, and he will always live on in our hearts. 
    Run free at the Bridge, sweet Vern! We will never forget you. 

    • Thank you, Karen! I always loved how much you loved our Vern! 

  •  One of the all time great blogs about Vern.

    Vern and the Man in the Lawn Chair!
    Most of you know that our Vern is a big ol' chicken. Yesterday, I was doing some training with them up at the state park and both dogs were doing bea…
    • Look at my big boy. I always told him he was the bravest dog I ever knew :) 

  • We are so sad to hear about Vern. My husband and I laughed our way through your blogs about Fudge and Vern (and the fb ones about Archer) as well as your photos. DK has lost so many of that doodle generation but we had such fun sharing about their antics. We loved each one as if they were our own. Vern will be missed by many. He was so well loved.

    Yup! The dreaded scary lawn chair man!!  :-)

    • Thanks, Nancy! We had such good times on DK and I am also saddened by the loss of so many of our wonderful dogs. The "no calendar" this year is also a huge loss. I feel like another door just closed!


  • Oh I am so sad to hear this. Vern was truly a delight in your stories about him, and he had an utterly princely life in your care. We have truly lost a friend. Sending you lots of love from me and Sadie.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Vern was definitely a handsome and obviously very loved boy.  I hope you find comfort in his memory.

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