So my girl Quirky is 10 months old and has never been groomed. Since she has a very shaggy/straight coat she does shed. Her furnishings came in pretty late and she has just started showing some curls. I brush her everyday and she has no mats what so ever. We also trim her face hair quite regularly.  

Do we need to get her groomed?

Lot of people said that its good to get her a full groom so that her fur will come back more thicker and might get curlier. Is that true? (I dont care about the curlier part. And I dont care about the shedding as well) 

Also, what happens if I dont groom her until its absolutely necessary? Will this affect the look of her coat? Will it restrict the furnishings from coming out? 

She is pretty different than most doodles I see around me. And honestly I learned about beautiful shaggy/shraight haired doodles through this group. I never knew they existed! If you have/had a doodle like her, when did you do the first groom? 

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4 months


6 months


8 months


Currently at almost 10 months 




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  • Cutting the fur has no bearing on how thick or curly it is. Think about it. Does your hair get thicker or curlier when you get a haircut? :)
    That said, doodles with shedding coats like yours don't really get haircuts. They are groomed like Golden Retrievers; a bath, nail trim, and a little bit of trimming around the privates, the face and the feet. The body and legs just get brushed and blown dry. No haircuts needed. My labradoodle had a coat similar to your dog's, and he never got a "haircut" in his entire life.  

  • Agree with Karen, they don't need a HAIRCUT groom, but all dogs do need grooming the way we do: nails trimmed, wash, tidying up.  Furry dogs do need the occasional clean up of their behind (poop likes to get stuck in furry butts), nails trimmed regularly, and a bath and brushing, ears cleaned.  You can do a lot of this at home if you don't mind the work!

  • She is pretty darn cute.  I remember that first photo you posted and am very glad to see how she has grown.  Cutting or not cutting has no bearing on coat growth - thickness or curl.  It is what it is. LOL  I would keep her the length you like but I would trim around the eyes and privates (called a sanitary). 

  • I'm a bit late to this discussion but the hair on Quirky's face is pretty similar to Riley's.  I just trimmed around her eyes yesterday so I wanted to show you a close up of how I cut her hair.  I trim with the scissors (small curved, blunt-tipped ones) laying flat to the bridge of her nose to remove the hair between her eyes and a little bit down her muzzle.  I also take the hair above her eyes and trim it just a little bit so that it doesn't flop between her eyes.

    I tried to get a good picture of her face but she was stubbornly napping so this is what I got lol. :)  The area where the thin white stripe is I cut short to her face.  You could also use clippers but Riley doesn't appreciate clippers near her face so I scissor cut her head.


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