I recently read Dog Is Love by Clyde D.L. Wynne PhD that was released this past fall.  It made me flash on a couple disscusions recently on this site about breeds/brands.  Very interesting book especially the lasts couple chapters on shelters & shelter dogs and purebreds & diseases.   There is also a PBS show (can't remember what is was called) that touched on some of this book.  The differences between dogs and wolves.  The book talks about a genetic study about Wilson's syndrome & dogs friendlyness which was interesting.  On the PBS show, the young lady with Wilson's syndrome has a huge doodle too!

Anybody else read this book or saw the show?  If you haven't, I'd highly recommend it!

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  • I need to read this.  Thanks for telling us about it.  Is this the cover?4039301796?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Yes!  I guess I should have posted the cover

      • No, you didn't need to.  It was just when I googled Dog is Love, a couple other things popped up also.

  • Very Good book. I just read this a few weeks ago. I was mostly impressed with all the ways they showed that they do indeed have emotions and feel love. 

  • I recently saw a show on PBS about dogs - sounds like the same one.  It was super interesting.  One segment was about a researcher testing to see if dogs are motivated by the fact that we feed them or if it is our companionship with them.  They taught several dogs to lie still in an MRI machine and looked at their brains in different situations.  They showed the dogs two separate toys.  After seeing one toy, the dog would get a treat.  The other toy would be followed by someone saying "good boy!" or "good girl!"  It was so interesting!  The dogs' brains would light up WAY more when they knew they would get the "good boy", thus the dogs were more motivated by praise from humans than by food.  I'll have to look for the book, thanks!

    • That sounds like the show.  Yes, book has much more info.  

  • The book talks about many other studies like that one with dogs all over the world in all kinds of conditions.  Great book to help understand their fantastic brains and emotions.

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