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Hi everyone!!

I have been stalking the website for years and have just decided to join since I'm getting a new goldendoodle!

Tomorrow is selection day, where I'll be picking my F1bb. The breeder has sent out a description of all the puppy's personalities and I've been eyeing one specific puppy but he's been described as the most vocal puppy out of the litter(8 puppies) I live in an apartment and don't want the neighbors to complain about barking. I had an F1 goldendoodle who was really quiet and I just loved that about him. He didn't bark around new people or dogs even if those dogs barked crazy at him.

Were any of your doodles vocal as puppy's and did it continue into adulthood? This is really important because of where I live, so I might go with a different puppy if this is something that stays with them.

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  • My 8 month old mini-golden doodle (25 lbs.) started out very quiet, but has become a loud barker.  She alerts with kind of a scared sounding bark when the mail truck comes, garbage truck comes (she's very scared of the garbage truck) and sometimes when she sees people walking by that she doesn't know.  We let her know it's okay and that we will handle whatever it is, but sometimes she continues barking for a little bit. She does not bark to go out, however.  When she was younger and before she started barking at all, we trained her to ring a bell to go out.  The door started getting scratched up, so we took the bell away and have had the doors open most of the time all summer. Hopefully, she will start barking when she needs to go out, now that we know she has a voice! At this point, I think Nellie is always going to bark to alert us of things.  

    • I wonder if size has anything to do with it too. I have heard from others that their smaller doodles bark more than the large ones.

      • My 16 lb minilabradoodle hardly barks at all, and when she does, if I look at what she appears to be barking at (usually noise from our gravel driveway) and say "it's ok, thank you" she stops immediately, so I don't think size is a reliable indicator. But she never barked as a puppy either, so that doesn't answer the original question about the vocal puppy.  I will say, however, that she had some other unwanted behaviors as a puppy that were successfully extinguished by training.

      • Riley is the largest and barkiest dog I have ever had :p  She's a big girl, about 75 lbs or so (with a bit more filling out to do) and taller than most large breed dogs we run into.

        She barks at everything... shadows, random knocking sounds, she has even barked at the sound of her own tail hitting the wall (sounds like a door knock right? lol).  

        Luna was about half her size and would alert bark or bark outside at passers by but not nearly to the extent Riley does.

  • I find they get more vocal as they get older, not less. 

    • I find that too.

      Luna was a VERY quiet puppy, we weren't even sure she really knew how to bark until 1 year old or so... she definitely got louder as she got older. 

      I really hope Riley starts to bark less as she gets older but I'm not holding my breath lol.


  • My girls aren't big barkers.  They will bark if someone knocks or rings the doorbell or if they hear a loud noise, but not just regular stuff.  In the back yard they will bark at people who walk up or down the street.  However, we had a family move in behind us with 3 dogs.  There was constant barking.  I said this isn't going to continue.  We worked with the girls really hard to stop the barking when the other dogs came out.  Their owners said Oh, it is ok, we don't mind, but I said well I mind.  I don't want them barking and disrupting the neighborhood all the time.  They need to learn to just see and ignore their backdoor neighbors.  So, those folks started to not allow theirs to bark and now, it is peaceful.  They come out, they might (not always) bark once or twice to say hello and that is it.  So, I guess I'm saying it is possible to work with them to prevent the barking, but it is a long road and you have to be consistent.  As for the puppy barking, I would say in the beginning you should be crating, and you could leave some music on so that he/she wouldn't hear so many noises.  Don't put them in the room by where the garbage man comes.  I would think barking while you are gone would be the biggest problem but I would think with a few of these tricks you could stop that.  When you are home you can train it but letting them know "I've got it".  They are basically alerting you to the fact they think there is a problem, once you take ownership of the front door or noise, they should stop.

    • That's could to hear that you were able to control the barking with training! I think that's definitely one of the harder things to train

  • My pup just turned 1.  He is starting to be more vocal.


    Typically, if he hears a noise or the doorbell rings.  


    He is 45lbs.  

  • Thank you all! I actually went with another puppy based off personality. I guess you can't really tell if they will be a barker, but glad I know its something you can train them to stop!

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