DK wont let me search for anything so here I am making a new discussion.

Just curious what YOU do when your dog throws up. Do you withhold food, or water, or both? Do you give your pup something to sooth his/her stomach. If so what? Do you call the vet immediately? If not, how long do you wait (or how many times do they have to vomit before you call)? Does it depend on what the throw up looks like (ie digested or whole kibble). What do you do if its accompanied by loose stool? 

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  • I do nothing different if a dog vomits or regurgitates once. More than once, we go to the vet. 
    I don;t recall having a dog vomit and also have loose stool at the same time, but I think I would go to the vet for that. 

    • Thanks for your input Karen! What do you think is the difference between vomit and regurgitate? 

  • Ahh that makes total sense! Thank you!

  • I would go to the vet if both upchucking And loose stool were happening together after the second or  third occurance in a day. Use your instincts if they occur separately. If it’s bile every morning, give a light snack at bedtime

  • His stool got pretty loose today. I did notice some white specks in it. Going to see if it runs it’s course in the next day or so and if it doesn’t we’ll probably have to take him in.

    • White specks could be a parasite. I wouldn;t wait with that. At least take specimen in and have them run a fecal. 

  • I don't know but the stool in general looks really bad. Lots of mucus and formless. This combined with vomiting or regurgitating would have me at the vet. 

    • Yeah thats what my thoughts were. Unfortunately, if the fecal comes up negative i just dont know what to do. I know they will just try to shove metronidazole down our throats

      • You simply refuse the metronidazole.

        Is this Yeti we're talking about here? If so, have there been any changes in his diet since our past discussions? Is he still getting probiotics? Is he being prevented from eating things outdoors, etc? If everything has been the same since you got his digestive issues straightened out and there is no apparent reason that things are "off" again, I think it might be time for a consultation with a veterinary internist and maybe some testing to see if he has IBD.

      • Also, I know that in the past he has eaten things that caused stomach upsets, like a head band and foam stuffing, lol. Is it possible he's ingested something again? That would account for all of this. 

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