Nervous dog mom..........Looking for anyone who has had experience with this surgery and can tell me how their Doodle tolerated it.

My 8 year old Doodle, Bailey, has a recessed vulva and I have finally decided to have it surgically corrected.

She is having a teeth cleaning, a broken tooth removed and a small growth taken off her side so....I decided to have the vulvoplasty

done while she is under anesthesia.

Any advice for us?  Ideas of something other than a cone to keep her from licking this particular area??  

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  • I used the Zen Cone when Jasper was neutered. He could eat & sleep with it on, he could see where he was going, and it was much more comfortable than the hard plastic cones. 
    The vet sent him home in a little onesy-type suit called a Medical Pet Shirt, but it didn't prevent him from licking at his incision right through the fabric and setting his healing back a week. :(
    I hope Bailey's surgery goes smoothly and she has a fast easy recovery. 

    • The medical pet shirt worked really well for us.  It depends on how determined your dog is, Riley didn't try to lick her spay incision at all so the shirt was enough.  Luna didn't even have that, she came home with nothing after her surgery and just left it alone.

      • Thanks!  Bailey is a serious licker so this will be challenging. 





    • Thank Karen!  I will check these items out!

    • Karen...what size MPS did you get for Jasper?

  • Does she have chronic UTIs? I can't tell you anything about this surgery specifically, but just based on my own recent experience... if they tell you to keep her quiet, but you have 3 dogs and their version of quiet still involves banking off the back of the couch - ask for drugs. I wish I had asked for them initially. It wasn't until after there was an issue that the vet gave me Trazadone to keep her semi chilled out so she would enjoy crate rest for an additional 2 weeks. It helped a lot. It's still miserable. She thinks she's being punished, and so do I. But it's definitely more tolerable than it was without it. 

    • She has not had lots of UTIs but only because we TRY to make sure she is wiped dry after she urinates.  It is challenging (due to the recessed condition) and there are times when it does not happen so the area stays damp then the licking begins.  We try to stop her but obviously we can not be with her every minute.  The result is a chronically irritated area which is uncomfortable for her and leads to mild infections.

      I will ask about the Trazadone.  Thanks!


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