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Hi everyone!!

Looking forward to filling my family's hearts again with another dog (our 14 year old lhasapoo passed away last month) and fell in love with the labradoodles!! We are waiting for our very own in Winter 2018 and am super excited!!! Our lovely dog was named Summer and to continue the tradition, our new labradoodle will be named winter. Super excited to be part of this forum!

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Congratulations! Keep us posted. Winter is a great name. 

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Thanks everyone!!! Looking forward to my little cutie January/Feb. The only thing im sad about is that i learned my breeder doesn't let her pups go until 12 weeks old :( i worry about the 8-12week golden period of training...but im trusting my breeder she will do a better job than i. any one else have experience with bringing an older puppy??



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