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Angel has recently started to walk between my legs when I'm stationary. It seems to be a sign of affection, as she'll lean against both legs and look up with that happy face of hers...

Anyone else's doodle do that?

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She is giving you HUGS!!!!! They will also stand next to you and lean into your leg...lots and lots of HUGS!!!!!
Yankee goes between my legs all the time. If we are playing ball, he returns it while standing between my legs and drops it behind me. Sometimes he does this to strangers and it really surprises them. Just a goofball.
All the time!!! A lot of times he will bring a toy and run between my legs while I'm walking trying to get me to play with him :)
Zeke does this especially first thing in the morning. I really have to be careful when he does this because I'm 5'2" and he is a standard, not a lot of clearance there. But I love the feeling of his soft coat, it seems he cant touch me enough. What a wonderful morning greeting!
Ozzie does the same thing. We thought he was raised with kittens. He rubs on our legs like a cat does and when he gets ready to go to bed at night, he paws the pillow with the pooh bear in his mouth.
We have two and one does this, the other doesn't! Blue likes to put his head in my crotch, then he'll come from behind & and stop under me. We have horses & I thought he was wanting me to "ride" him like I do my horse.. didn't know this was a doodle trait, fun to know!
My goldendoodle, Dustin, does this. I asked my trainer about it and he said that it is a place he feels secure. He'll even lay down between my legs when I'm just standing there, especially when we're standing for long periods of time like at training while we watch the other dogs work. He's getting kind of tall now so when he stands between my legs he's almost tall enough to take me off of my feet!



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