Hi everyone, I've been MIA with too much to tell. But I realize, whiile being hyperfocused on goal oriented activities, I miss the humor & support of my doodle friends.I'm hyperfocused on building CaringTown Inc. Non profit for training trainers  & service dogs for alter-abled people (often misnomered as disabled) . I am going forward despite many barriers being thrown in the way. One of them being code enforcement.which landed me in court yesterday. Don't stop reading. HERE'S THE FUNNY PART:

So I"m talking, the judge is talking blah blah blah. Everyone in the place is stern & serious. A smile would crack their faces. Xena, my Giant Schnoodle Service dog is very bored. Xena is there to keep me from falling on my face. (I use her for balance) . So Xena falls asleep. "Blah blah blah" I'm hearing strange noises. I look down. Xena is having the nightmares that I would be having if I wasn't required to be awake. LOUD NIGHTMARES! Chasing a rabbit, I think. Even the judge had to allow a teeny tiny 1/2 sort of almost smile (only one side of his mouth mind you) . I took a deep breath so I wouldn't burst out laughing out loud!  I wish you guys were there. We could have brought the house down. I don't know how all those people can stay all stern & miserable in their work place every day. Sheesh!  But I'm so glad I had Xena with me. Dogs make bad things better.

Are my old friends out there? Pls respond & let me know your still there, still love me, well maybe like me or maybe not hate me. I realize how much I miss you & need you. Its one thing to focus & accomplish but I realized I'm out of balance. How much can you you balance, all my old friends & new friends?

New, Upcoming Products. Opinions pls:

1. BTW. while MIA, I've invented a few products I'm proud of. They aren't on the market yet but soon, I hope. I invented a treatment for beef bones that makes them into pumice bones. They clean dog's teeth. No need for brushing or scaling by expensive vet treatments with general anasthetics. Its a great product but a couple of challenges are slowing down progress to getting it on the market. Suggestions welcome: Natural bones are too heavy so cost of shipping is too high, keeping sales local. Are there any new companies in the transportation market? Also, I'm searching for packaging so they don't require refrigeration. This gets in the way of national distribution. Any suggestions?

2. Eureka! Overnight success! I've only been working on it for 7 years! Rodent repeller. Repells rodents from homes, offices, grain bins etc.  No poison, glue boards, mangled little bodies to remove from traps every morning. It doesn't harm pets, kids, environment. It doesn't even harm the rodents. You train instead of maim. The rodents no longer enter. Those who remember me know I'm a trainer. But who ever thought I'd be training people to train rodents? !!! I'm hoping it will be ready to go to market in the next month. Send me positive energy pls. Its never easy to launch a new product. There are so many details & challenges to overcome.

3. CampStamp , my invention that has been between me & starvation for the last 25 yrs, is still on the market. Camp Stamp is a marker for stamping kids clothes when they go to camp instead of ironing on lables or messy pens. There is a Free book on that site that I wrote on How to Prepare Your Child For Camp. Enjoy. I hope it makes your life easier.

4. Also, one of my training books is ready, just needs a web store: The Easy Lazy, Quick, Potty Training for Busy Puppy Parents. 

5. I plan to open a doggy stuff web store. What do you think of the name:  Does anyone except Canadians & the French know what that means? Your honest opinion pls.

Well I've talked more that I planned. Good to connect again. Hope I hear from all my old friends, new friends, marketing experts, business experts & more.

Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

PS a short video you may enjoy. Dogs pulling me in my dog chariot & impromptu interview re Caring Town

Xena R Mirage L 3.10.JPG

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  • Joy, It's so good to hear from you. Sounds like you have been busy. Don't be a stranger. Missed you and so glad you are feeling better.

    • Hi Lynne, I just found your message on page 2. I didn't realize there was a page 2. It makes me feel warm & fuzzy to know I've been missed. I sent you an email awhile back. did you ever receive it? Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

  • Good to "see" you. You have some very interesting ideas. The URL you posted was wrong, you left out the t in chariot. Great interview.
    • Thx 4 pointing that out & your kind words .  Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

  • Welcome back, Joy, it's nice to see you. 

    • Hi Karen & JackDoodle, Thx 4 the welcome.  Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

  • Hi Joy.: nice to meet you.
    • Hi Rosemary & Enzo, Cute name Enzo. Is there a story behind the name?  A pleasure to meet you too. Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

  • That is very interesting what you are saying about training dogs to detect traces of nuts. I just wonder if you will be able to every say that a dog is 100% reliable? As you point out this is a life or death situation. BTW I love your chariot and your super dogs!

    • Hi Nicky Riley & Boris, Good question:  I don't know if the dog can ever be 100% reliable. If it was me & my dog, I think it would be 100%.Consistency is the key.  I'm glad you brought it up. It reminds me how much I have to stress constistency. There are so many variables with people especially children. Although, I think sometimes children may be more consistent. .than adults. Its never been done before. The program is experimental. Its never been done before. But the greatest things have never been done before. Any great invention or program has to start at the beginning. The only thing we can do is try, make corrections & try some more. All I know, is people need help. I can help & hopeful set up the protocol that I will leave as my legacy. & hopefully save some lives.  Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk 

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