• A reverse F1B is 3/4 retriever and is almost guaranteed to shed, probably heavily, and to have a flat, straight, shorter coat with no furnishings. Basically, it is going to be pretty much like having a purebred Golden retriever in terms of looks and coat. 
    An F1 also has a chance of shedding, but is going to have a longer wavier coat. And the pup in this photo already has furnishings, so it will look "doodle-y", which to me would be one reason for getting a doodle puppy in the first place.

    • Thank you!! I really love the doodley longer coats with waves. Does she look more curly or more probably be more of the long wavy coat to you? 

      • Not curly. Probably wavy. Definitely much longer than the other one, it already looks longer.
        But of course, keeping a long coat on a dog involves a LOT of grooming. My Poodle's coat could reach to the floor if I wanted to spend 20 hours a week keeping it combed and brushed out, lol. That's why you rarely see really long coats on Poodles, doodles, or most other non-shedding dogs. It's not that they couldn't have them, it's that nobody has the time to keep it up. 
        Take the first puppy. The second one is not going to have the kind of coat or looks you want. 

        • I so appreciate your input!! Thank you!!

  • I totally agree with what Karen advised.  IF you are looking for a smaller retriever, then go for the F!b that is 3/4 retriever.  Some people do want that.  If you are looking for a dog that looks more like one thinks of a doodle, go for the F1.  Doodles are mutts and you won't know for sure what your dog will look like until it grows, but it depends upon what you hope/wish your dog will look like.  IF you choose the F1B, you should be paying much less.

    • Yeah, I definitely want a doodle look, but we want a long wavy coat. Does the f1 look like she'd be curly like a poodle or maybe the longer wave To you? 

      • Neither of those puppies will be curly. If you are hoping for a doodle look I would not go with the 3/4 retriever puppy. Chances are it will not doodle out. 

        • I agree. Neither one will be curly, and the second one will most likely not doodle out at all. 

        • Agreed - first puppy looks less curly than Riley and she is a mix of wavy and loose curls.  Second puppy looks like a large version of Luna as a baby.

  • How old are they?  As a comparison with an actual poodle puppy...look at the thick CURLS on this guy around 6 weeks.  (Remember poodle puppies get their faces shaved, so ignore the face ;-) 

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