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We all know our doodles are perfect, but I thought it would be funny if you described the most ANNOYING thing your doodle does!!!

If all the planets are not aligned properly, Parris will not go poop.. It takes her FOREVER to decide to look for a place then FOREVER to finally go. Whew!! I sing the Hallelujah Chorus when she goes!!! I'm looking forward to hearing your stories!

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Toby lies down in mud puddles too, and rolls on the lawns of strangers while we're on our walks.
That's hilarious... and made me laugh after a pretty rough day at work!!

We took Hartley to kennels for a weekend oce when we had to go away without him, and just before we got there to pick him up he found the dirtiest puddle he could to lie in. They had to give him an emergency bath!!
Max was perfect...haha..until yesterday when he ate 3 uncooked porkchops off a plate on my counter....Other than that his most annoying thing is how he has to "dig" before he lays should see the holes in my comforter and the runs in my rug!!!
I've got new little Lucy and Fergie plays great with her in the house but outside she comes charging and leaping across the yard like poor little Lucy is some kind of favorite toy and just leaps on her. This is driving me crazy. I will put a stop to this one way or the other.
LOL. Allie does the same thing when she poops... has to find the perfect piece of grass. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes... so annoying!
The most annoying thing Max does currently, at 16 weeks old, is his overexcitment during training class. He goes to the same place for puppy play and the room is quite small. So, when we take him for puppy class he can't seperate the two and he barks, jumps, cries and pulls on his leash to get to other dogs. The trainer gets a little perturbed by his lack of control or lack of us being able to control him and I feel like the mommy who is always saying - "He doesn't act this way at home." (Can you tell I'm a teacher? LOL)

I'm not taking him to the puppy II class at this place because of his difficulty in seperating the play from the learn. Honestly, I can't blame him but, it's annoying at the moment it happens.

Come to think of it - maybe it's not Max who annoys me but rather the trainer....things that make you go HHhhmmmm!

~Danielle :)~
It is barking in the house that drives me nuts. I was watching a movie and in one scene the doorbell rang. Guess what, I had a barking dog. I kept saying, "Sadie, it's the TV", but to no avail. Unfortunately, this movie had lots of doorbell ringing as part of the plot. So, there was lots of doggie barking. I would go so far as to say that I HATE barking in the house. I don't need/want a watch dog. Adina, when does Spring Training start?
Our dog does this too! He will also bark when he hears a dog barking on TV. My sisters dog does this as well but her terrior takes it to the next level and trys to attack the TV and trys to get behind it so she can catch the dog. It can be a real problem with these new flat screens-easily toppled over and scratched. So I guess we shud be happy that ours just bark.
Fenway has lots of little quirks that CAN be annoying, but sometimes are just plain cute! She absolutely loves to bring her chew toys up and chew them on you. Yes on you. As in the rubber squeaky toy is pressed up against your leg as she chews it (this drives my husband nuts because it often pulls his leg hair and that evidently hurts). She is also relentless when she wants attention. We've taught her to drop whatever it is she has and sit if she wants us to throw something. So she is constantly bringing things to me to throw. She will put it right next to me (even on the couch) and then sit there patiently waiting for me to throw it. I mean when she's doing what you've trained her to do how can you be upset??? If that doesn't work however she will then jump up on the couch next to you and sit there looking at you, then she will put her paw in your lap (or on the computer keyboard if that happens to be on your lap) until you finally have to pay her attention. She also licks and licks and licks! It can be quite annoying. She licks people, pillows, the floor, the couch, the comforter, it goes on and on. Strange!?!
Bodi wipes his beard on the livingroom carpet. Good thing it is old and brown-multi colored!! I had a German Shorthaired Pointer who would take a damp washcloth from the bathroom sink, lay it on the floor and then wipe with it! I don't think I can teach Bodi that trick!!
I have a Pointer mix also what is up with them "needing" to be clean? It is cat like really...
Lucy does that very same thing. She will wipe her face on the floor after drinks, food, etc. If I catch her after she eats or drinks and wipes her face then she will not do it.



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