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We all know our doodles are perfect, but I thought it would be funny if you described the most ANNOYING thing your doodle does!!!

If all the planets are not aligned properly, Parris will not go poop.. It takes her FOREVER to decide to look for a place then FOREVER to finally go. Whew!! I sing the Hallelujah Chorus when she goes!!! I'm looking forward to hearing your stories!

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Thomas is perfect all day long-then as the clock strikes 5pm he turns into a maniac. He grabs everything in sight and takes off with it. We have puppy proofed our home to the extent that there is nothing that he can get at-well we were wrong-he can still find something to grab and take off with. Tonight he found a nail file, a roll of toilet paper, some tissue, a plastic bag, paper etc etc-We try not to make a big deal out of it or else he would think it was a game. But we have to go to him constantly to remove the debris from his mouth. Now the big jerk has crashed in the front hall as he always does when he has worn himself out. Wheww, he is quiet !!
Hartley barks at you if he wants to play and you don't want to. He is a perfect gentleman off leash when greeting other dogs, but on leash he gets way overexcited. He just wants to say hi and play but he gets all bouncy and when he is really over the top he spins! He is over 70 pounds, so it can be very off-putting to dogs and people who don't know him, they misinterpret it as aggression which it most definitely is not!! We are working really really hard to stop this and make him nice polite boy all the time he is 15 months old, so there is still time to work on him! What is hardest is finding other dog owners who are willing to take the time to help us out by waiting for us to get him calm enough to greet their dog, I don't want to become known as 'that woman who can't control her dog'!!
Mattie is really such a good dog-but she is a Nudge, as my hubby calls her. She knows what time everythng is supposed to happen and she will keep bugging you if you are not on schedule--of course, i should be grateful--at my age, its hard to remember to do things!
Flopping toys on my lap or laptop while I am working or watching TV. I take the toy away, he brings another - until I have huge pile of toys beside me. Then, he moves on to random things from around the house to flop on my lap. He will stand right in my view of the TV. He does not give up when he wants attention - which is OFTEN.

Also, he rings his doggy doorbell to come into the house - If I dont come to the door on the first chime - he will keep his paw on the button making the doorbell constantly go ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong until I come to the door. Smart but annoying!
OMGoodness, that is so funny, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
Herbie has a wonderful habit when I'm doing homework on my laptop and he wants attention, where he starts out at the other end of the couch and very slowly inches his way over to me, then puts his head right on the mouse so whenever I go to use it I have to move his face. It's a very tricky way of getting attention from me, and it always works! His other trick is putting toys on the mouse so I have to move them (usually throw them), and he gets his way as we end up playing fetch. Brilliantly annoying habits, but as much as they annoy me sometimes they are adorable every time.
Hershey is a pretty great dog. Doesn't bark much, begs for attention until she gets tired of it and goes to lay down. Likes just about everyone. Loves to just chill on the couch and cuddle.

But on the leash, she drags me down the street! Even with the halti head collar! It's like she doesn't even care she's being choked and starting to pant - she just has to get to the end of the street FASTER! She goes on two walks a day, because she will not poop unless she walks. And she usually won't poop in our yard.

So my morning wake-up routine is trying to pick up all the little stinky pieces of poop of some poor neighbors lawn while Hershey attempts to drag me off...
Grover is perfect except when he gets scared, which is very often. If he hears a strange noise or something startles him or if Scrappy is barking at something that he can't see....he'll jump up on the couch and stand on my lap, which is pretty much him just standing on top of me and right in my face, all 75 lbs of him. Cute, but he's a BIG baby.
Now let me think I know my girls are perfect but sometimes Coco licks me so much I think she will wear her tongue out I feel like I am a big juicy bone I guess she just loves me I love her Heaps but not willing to give her a lick just lots og hugs and kisses We went away for 4 days without Coco & Jazz I we had a great time but my goodness I mssed them sooooo much Had to get home a.s.a.p for lots of hugs and kisses
The most annoying thing Ned does is jump on our heads when we are lying down! He is crated at night and never barks to get out, but I open the crate so he can use the doggie door pretty early in the morning. Often I lay back down to get a little more sleep, and Ned rushes back into the room, jumps on the bed and starts dancing around on the pillow and my head. He has no knowledge of personal space! If I stay quiet, he will flop down at the foot of the bed and nap, however any indication that I am awake and here he comes again. He often brings a toy and leaves it my my head - just in case I want to play. And that wet beard thing - yuck!! Oh yes, one more thing. When the sprinklers come on, Ned dashes out the doggie door to "play," then comes racing back in and leaps on me, so it isn't just the wet beard....
Drippy beard - amen to that. Toby tracks more water out of his bowl with his beard than he does drinking it! I use a lot of paper towels. And - his way of letting us know he wants to come in is to jump up at the patio door. Now that he's quite tall, that dirty paw marks go quite a ways up the door. I CANNOT keep that door clean. I give up. If people come over, I'll just point at the dog. Oh yes - also drinking mud puddles. Why do that when you have clean water in the house? Weirdo.
Hartley drinks from mud puddles too, and given half the chance will lie down in them!!



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