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We Are Officially Residents of Middletown, DE ...any DKers in the area???

We've been in Middletown, DE for 2 weeks now and I am feeling a little clueless.  I am looking for dog parks or any park where I can walk/jog with Dougie.  The temporary residence leaves a lot to be desired.  It is a new town home development without a lot of grassy areas--I don't count the empty, muddy lots that are filled with rocks...

Are there any DKers in the area who can recommend a good walking park, veterinarian, groomer, etc.? I am also posting this in the DE group.

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I hope you find some friends. They have the largest doodle romp in the USA in March every year.
Best Wishes in your new home

Adrienne - I live in NJ (south) and used to work in Wilmington.  I will ask some of my friends who are still in DE for any info that might help.  Maybe we can try to arrange a doodle get together for those in the South Jersey-Delaware area. 



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