We’re we duped?

8234651695?profile=RESIZE_710xWe just got this puppy from a breeder. We were told her parents were a multigenerational labradoodle with another labradoodle. 

However, the puppy does not look like it is going to have any furnishings and like it may have a hair coat. It does have some curliness on the ears and forehead.

The breeeder reassured us that her coat will likely change and that she would become fluffy. 

After doing some more research on genetics, it seems like an unfurnished hair coat is not likely to be from two labradoodles, but rather an F1.

What have you guys seen? Do you think there is a chance she will get fluffy with furnishings?

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  • Your puppy is very cute, but she does have an open face, which means she does not have furnishings, and it is very unlikely that she will get them. Curly or kinky ears and forehead actually go along with an open face in most cases. 
    When you have retrievers (which have no furnishings) on both sides of the pedigree, which you of course have with a labradoodle to labradoodle breeding, you can get puppies with no furnishings. We have seen quite a few multigen labradoodles here with open faces. The same would be true of a hair coat, a flat coat, and a straight coat. 

  • This is a doodle that belongs to a member here, she is a 7th generation Australian labradoodle. As you can see, she has a flat straight coat and no furnishings. It does happen. 8234691661?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • Oh my gosh, your puppy is absolutely adorable, but I think she might look more like a lab than a fluffy doodle.  I do have a friend with an F1 labradoodle that I did not think would actually get fluffy and she did. Her doodle is the only one I've ever seen that looked so lab-ish as a puppy and ended up with a fluffy coat.  It took her a very long time and even now, her coat grows very slowly.  Here are some photos of Sassy. Do note that even though she doesn't have much fluff as a puppy, there is more than your sweetie has.8234834867?profile=RESIZE_400x8234837059?profile=RESIZE_400x8234842096?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • Technically, it should be impossible for an F1 not to have furnishings, because if one parent is a purebred Poodle, that parent has two copies of the gene for furnishings, and can only contribute that to the offspring. The gene is dominant, so one copy is all it takes for the pup to have furnishings. A dog with an open face has NO copies of that furnishings gene, and that should be impossible if one parent is actually a purebred Poodle. I suspect that when we see these open faced doodles who are supposed to be F1s or F1Bs, the Poodle parent is actually a mix;somewhere back in the lines there must have been an unfurnished breed. 
      However, when you have retrievers or other unfurnished breeds on both sides, as there is with every doodle to doodle breeding, regardless of generation, you have the chance for neither parent to contribute the furnishings gene to any given offspring. 

      • Yeah I think that's what happened with Luna.  We didn't know what we should be looking for in a breeder so we aren't sure her sire was 100% poodle, in hindsight he looked like he might have some cocker in him or something.  

        Riley's breeder breeds a lot of F1s and as far as I can tell 100% of them have furnishings.

    • Also, notice the ears on Sassy compared to the OP's puppy. I have noticed that these unfurnished open faced doodles often have ears that are set higher on the head and stand out more rather than hanging down, like Sassy's do. You can see that on the photo I posted also. 

      • I think the ear set is very telling.  

      • Very good point. I never noticed the ear set!

      • Interesting!  Definitely true looking at Luna's vs. Riley's early puppy pictures.  Riley has the full-on droopy ears and Luna had quite perky puppy ears.

    • She didn't have much fluff has a puppy but I see the beginnings of furnishings on her.  Riley didn't look very curly as a puppy but now when her hair is shorter than 2" or so she is quite curly.  It smooths out into waves when it's longer though.

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