Coming to you with not a coat prediction, but a weight prediction! Polo (ALD) is just shy of 11 lbs at 11 weeks. His mom is 24 lbs and dad is 28 lbs; breeder said Polo would grow to be right in between at 26 lbs. But every weight predicting calculator I use has him coming in at an adult weight of 55ish lbs! He's a very solid boy. Not overweight, just a blocky build.

Does anyone have any thoughts on his eventual size? There's qutie a difference between the breeder's estimate and what I've seen in my "research". I'm going to ask the vet for her thoughts next time we're in, too.

Thanks! 8679854483?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • My big doodle Riley was 16 pounds at 11 weeks old, she is 73 lbs as an adult. She is built very stocky (she's an F1 bernedoodle and carries a lot of muscle).

    Our new puppy Toby was 12.5 lbs at 11 weeks old (now 20 lbs at 17 weeks old) and we expect him to be about 40-45 lbs as an adult.

    I'd say your pup will likely be smaller than Toby, maybe not quite as small as the breeder predicted but certainly not over 50 lbs.

    The good thing about ALDs is they tend to be multi-generational so the size should be fairly consistent.

    • That's what I was thinking/hoping re: some semblance of consistency in size alongside his parents! I'm by no means an expert, but growing to double their weight sounded a tad extreme!

  • I don't know why breeders give weight estimates that are midway between the parents' weights. It doesn't make any sense. How many people do you know who are right in between their parents weights, lol? 
    It's hard to predict adult weight this early. You will have a better idea at 17 weeks (4 months). At that point, you can double their weight for minis, and add 5-10 if the dog is a standard doodle. With ALDs, they do tend to have more size consistency than other generations, but there can still be a big variation. I can pretty much guarantee you that Polo is going to weigh more than 30 lbs as an adult. 
    My Miniature Poodle weighed 6 lbs at 10 weeks, 10.9 lbs at 4 months, and he weighs 21 lbs as an adult. Just as a reference, although with purebreds, you have no big size differences in the parent breeds like you do with doodles and other mixed breed dogs. There are no Retrievers ,Spaniels, or other larger breeds in the lines.

    • Noted!! The 30s is closer to where my gut feeling was. He seemed to weigh too much already to top out only in the high 20s.

  • I don't know if anyone can really guess the final out come.  I have a big boy, and knew he would be.  Told 75lbs, well... he's a healthy 96lb F1Golden.8679987659?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • What a handsome boy!!! 

  • What cute markings! Polo is an adorable little guy!  Weight is always a guess but funny that Picco ended up right between his parents weights!

    • What were his parents? Breed & size? 

      • Father - black goldendoodle 70# & mother - cream goldendoodle 50#.  Picco is color of mother and 58#


  • 8682250458?profile=RESIZE_400xMy mini ALD was about 12 pounds at 12 weeks. Minis quit growing much sooner, which is why your calculators aren't working for you.  When Polo is 16 weeks you can pretty much double that weight for an adult weight prediction.  My mini pretty much was done growing at 9-10 months. He is 28 pounds. My mini is more poodley in build.  My medium ALD has a moe blocky build.

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