Weird Eyebrows

I posted this in the Grooming Group but I haven't gotten a reply and I want to get grooming done.  3836375170?profile=RESIZE_710xDuffy has these weird,bushy Grandpa eyebrows that point straight down into his eyes. I'm not quite sure what to do with them. I am planning on grooming myself and want to do a good trim this week, eyes, feet, etc. Any suggestions on what do do with these eyebrows?

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  • I love Doodle Kisses, but I'm not sure how many groomers/home groomers we have who are active here. There's a group on Facebook called Doodle Owners and Groomers Coming Together and it's a great group. People are actually pretty nice and there are some amazing groomers who are willing to give advice. They helped me pick out all of my grooming tools and have given me some helpful hints. They're very supportive of people who want to learn to groom their own dog, and unlike a lot of FB groups they're really pretty nice. I'm just starting to groom my own, but I'm not good enough to tell you what to do! The good news is you can always try something and it grows back. My mom always said the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut (in people) is 2 weeks. I think it's also true for dogs.

    • Thank Stacy, I will check them out.  This little bushy piece is just so close to his eye.  

      • I will say that usually they use curved shears around the face, and I was so afraid of poking out an eye when we started. I practiced for a while just holding her muzzle and touching the scissors to her face without trying to cut anything. I would lay them across the bridge of her nose near where I wanted to trim by the corner of her eyes. She's doing really well with it now. I think that desensitization helped both of us. 

        • We have been training with me holding his muzzle and I have trimmed under his eyes successfully.  


  • I use short, curved, rount-tipped scissors and cut straight across using my fingers as a guide.  Kind of like you might cut a person's bangs.  I have to be careful though because Riley has these impossibly long lashes and I try not to cut those lol.

    I use scissors something like this, that way I can point the tip away from her eyes.

    I've tried to show with this pic roughly where I cut to trim her face, your pup's might be a bit different though since Riley's brow area just kinda flops in front of her eyes.  This pic was when she was a bit overdue for a trim and in full yeti mode lol.  


    Here is an after pic, could still use a few snips here and there but at least she can see.

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    • Thanks, I'm going to try it today.  I will take before and afters, hopefully not embarrassing ones!  The fuzzy, bushy stuff is on the inside upper corner of his eye.

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