Our new puppy Toby the goldendoodle has finally arrived safely!


Riley is super confused but she is warming up.  The kids (and us) are in love :)  Our toddler has been quite gentle so far and I think he is Toby's favorite person so far, maybe because he is small!  Both boys are taking a nap and we have some temporary peace and quiet lol.  

Many more pics and updates to come :)  Training begins as soon as nap time is over!


In the "carseat" ready to make the trip home.  He had to have a little foot bath immediately when he got home because he got carsick but he didn't mind.8405889096?profile=RESIZE_710x

Checking out Riley playing fetch




A little size comparison for you, lol.  I think he's about the size of Riley's head.


Finally crashed out for a decent nap.  Apparently he didn't sleep at all on the 2 hr car ride home.  I think the little blanket with mom's scent helped him settle down. :)



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  • Congratulations and welcome to DK, Toby! 
    He is just adorable and he has a gorgeous coat! 

    • Thank you! :)  His coat feels nice and thick and he is soooo soft!  

      I thought he would be way curlier, we'll see what happens.  I like wavy better anyway so I'd be happy if he didn't get much curlier.

      • He looks pretty curly to me for a young doodle puppy. Any curlier and you might as well have a purebred Poodle, lol. 

        • I'm fully expecting basically a poodle coat, I'm starting the grooming positive reinforcement training ASAP.  He's going to need a lot of grooming.

          • Good idea. 

            • I gave him a sanitary trim with the clippers, have brushed him a few times and given him a bath.  He did great with all (even the clippers!) except the bath, he was trying to escape a bit.  Not a peep though just some frustrated wiggling.  

              He is definitely used to being handled a lot which is great...either that or he is just a giant suck of a velcro dog which is fine with us lol.

          • when I first read this i thought you meant positive reinforcement training for YOU, lol.

            • LOL we can pretend I need some too.  Give myself some treats while I'm grooming him, haha.

  • So darn cute! Looks like Picco as a pup!

    • He has very similar coloring to Picco!  It'll be interesting to see what colour he ends up being as an adult, he's light cream but he has some light apricot areas on his ears/back/legs.  

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