Our new puppy Toby the goldendoodle has finally arrived safely!


Riley is super confused but she is warming up.  The kids (and us) are in love :)  Our toddler has been quite gentle so far and I think he is Toby's favorite person so far, maybe because he is small!  Both boys are taking a nap and we have some temporary peace and quiet lol.  

Many more pics and updates to come :)  Training begins as soon as nap time is over!


In the "carseat" ready to make the trip home.  He had to have a little foot bath immediately when he got home because he got carsick but he didn't mind.8405889096?profile=RESIZE_710x

Checking out Riley playing fetch




A little size comparison for you, lol.  I think he's about the size of Riley's head.


Finally crashed out for a decent nap.  Apparently he didn't sleep at all on the 2 hr car ride home.  I think the little blanket with mom's scent helped him settle down. :)



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  • He is adorable, and I love Riley too!

    • Riley is so funny with him.  She has a very "cat-like" disposition and isn't quite sure what to do with him.  They started to play a bit last night but it's hard for Riley, she's trying to not hurt him so she mostly just lets him attack her haha.  Last night she pawed him once and he kind of went flying, she backed off immediately and he kind of looked around like "what just happened!?" lol.

      I think the full smackdown style wrestling will have to wait until he's a bit bigger, Riley.  Haha.

      We're pretty sure Toby isn't quite as smart as Riley, it took less repetitions for her to learn things.  He's definitely already getting the hang of potty training though which is good.  The breeder had already started a little bit before he left there.

  • Riley is starting to decide that Toby is maybe worth hanging out with.  I just caught them *almost* snuggling with Riley just out of Toby's tether range. :p 


    • I love reading about Toby's progress. 

    • How cute is this????
      Keep it in mind to duplicate this photo in a year! 

      • Yes!  For sure.  We also have a pic of our daughter holding up Toby, will be sure to duplicate it over the next year as he grows, though I'm not sure if she'll actually be able to lift him by 4 months from now lol.  She's only 45-50 pounds herself.  She can lift her 25-lb brother but he is less wiggly than a puppy.  Toby is the "melts in arms"" type of puppy so he's a little easier to hold than some.

    • Love this!

      Does Riley seem like a mammoth right now? When we brought Milo home, Boca seemed huge to me. And she's average lab size. 

      • She seems HUGE!  Especially the other day when I was outside with him while our daughter was playing and DH was running with Riley... when they got back from running we swapped dogs and DH took Toby in because he was cold.  That switch of leashes from the 9 lb puppy to the 75 lb draft horse of a dog was something lol.  

  • We have moved on from "polite and cautious" interactions to "full puppy smackdown" play mode between Riley and Toby.. Riley is being very gentle with him but he tires easily.  I guess just read his cues and separate them when he needs his downtime?

    They've started playing mutual tug, Riley sometimes forgets she's not playing with one of us and accidentally drags Toby across the floor lol.  Poor little guy.  She's strong enough to drag ME across the floor if I'm sitting, he has no chance :p

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