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Just a post I came across today that I thought would be fun to share. :-)

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Love puppies! They are all so adorable!

Who wouldn't love looking at all those puppy faces!! 


Cute puppies, but what really made my day was clicking on the video further down the page on how dogs react to magic tricks... I still have tears in my eyes from laughing!

What a fun idea! So adorable

How adorable!

I want to take all of them home and love them!

So sweet.  Thanks for sharing!

Cute puppies!  The Dogs in Photo Booths is hilarious!

So cute, thanks for sharing!

too cute for words. I honestly thought I'd burst!

These are just adorable.  Isn't it interesting how different the different breeds look at 6 weeks, and looking at our doodle picture postings - how different our group of doodles look from each other at 6 weeks also?  It is kind of like we have 17 different breeds among our doodles!  :-}   My favorite was number eight - what those ear pulling two are up to now is probably causing their owners an ear to ear grin.



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