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Hi DK friends!

DK started an Instagram account just over a week ago and I'm trying to intersperse bits of education between photos. So far we've shared info on:

-- finding a rescue
-- choosing a responsible breeder
-- why doodles are not "hypoallergenic"

Now we can break each of these down into smaller bits of info and CONTINUE to educate on specifics, but wondering what you think are top priority OTHER topics worth doing education on via social media?  Some ideas I have are on poodle facts/history and retriever facts/hx for the sake of education on the parent breeds...but what else?

What should other doodle owners and potential doodle owners know?  What do you want to shout from the mountain tops?

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I fell into that one, didn't I?   Hahahahahahaha

Might have been the funniest thing on DK ever. 

I found the information and education I got here on DK, about the quality of foods and what to look for in treats and chews, to be very valuable.  I find it so frustrating when i see people buying cheap big box store dog foods. Its also frustrating when they say their Vet recommended it!!!!!

So more education on foods is my suggestion.

How about puppies and children.  People think how cute and cuddly puppies will be with their pre-school and young children.  WRONG!  Puppies chase, attack, bite, get cranky and over stimulated and chase, attack and bite even more!  When I see posts like "my 12 week puppy is biting my 2 year old", I just want to reply..."DUH! that is what happens with puppies and children."  Puppies are like sharks with their razor sharp teeth and react to running, screaming children, so therefore, they really are NOT a good mix.  Also not all Labradoodles are the same just because they are Labradoodles.  I admit, I am partial to Multi Gen Australian Labradoodles (from reputable breeders).  My two are under 40 lbs, calm, easy to train, and don't shed.  I guess that could go under " Knowing how to find a reputable and responsible breeder".  I can't count how many times I get comments like..."Those are Labradoodles, why are they so small?  Other Labradoodles are so hyper, why are yours so calm? What do you mean, they don't shed?"    Again, responsible breeders breeding for temperment and improving characteristics.  


And rehoming often goes right along with the child issue, and the whole "getting a dog for the kids". 

Sometimes, even when the children are older, it's a bad mix. Especially when someone gets a dog solely for the kids.

You might think I made this up, but this is actually part of a post from one of the doodle groups on FB last week. 
"Am looking to rehome our 9 week old puppy. This is a heartbreaking thing to have to do, but my 11 yr old daughter who we bought him for has completely lost interest and does not like him. She said she thought it would be different. I have explained every which way that he is a puppy. Still not interested. I am asking for what we paid for him."

As we say on the DRC website, "No matter how old your children are, how responsible they are, or how much they want a dog, the dog will be your responsibility and will belong to you. Would you want a dog if you didn't have kids? "
If the answer to that question is "no", please don't get a dog. 

I wish you had made that up. That is still the strangest one I think I've seen. An 11 year old girl didn't want a puppy after a week? I just don't understand. 

I so agree that puppies and children are an issue that can't be talked about enough. Last week I saw a photo that one of my physician friends posted of her 2 year old daughter who decided to take a nap in the dog bed with the dog. The dog is very sweet, but he looks seriously stressed in the picture. It's a bite waiting to happen, even though he's a good dog and they love each other. Don't put your dogs in situations like this. It's only going to end up with heartbreak for everyone. 

I see it over and over again, especially in FB groups.  People buying Doodles without educating themselves first.  I'm so sick of making the same comments but I can't help myself thinking that eventually it will sink in.  Another  pet peeve of mine is when I hear "I rescued this puppy because I bought him from a pet store".  Believe me, I feel so bad for those poor pups in a pet store but that is not rescuing, it is supporting the Puppy Mill Industry and keeping the wheel spinning. 

Oh, don't get me started on the "rescued from pet store" thing. We've had many discussions here about where pet store puppies come from, and they often end up badly, lol. People really get defensive about their bad choices.

The "Stop the 77" video should be required for any parent or grandparent who is even thinking about bringing home a puppy, or any dog. Parents should be forced to watch and discuss it.

Stacy - our Charlie is a re-home.  He was purchased from out of state by a Hollywood producer - he didn't 'fit' in so they gave him to the contractor remodeling their kitchen, who gave him to his son (I assume a young adult).  The son moved away and left Charlie.  The contractor moved in with his girlfriend and her 11 year old son who did NOT like Charlie and neither did her dogs, or her.  She did the responsible thing and contacted the rescue.  But poor Charlie - unwanted by the producer, the contractor, his son, the contractor's girlfriend and HER son......  He is not perfect but he is the most loving dog we've ever owned. Photo:  Us meeting Charlie for the first time.  Met him and kept him!

Charlie may not be the perfect dog but he's perfect for your family Nancy. I enjoyed your touching story about how Charlie became a part of your family. He's very lucky to have you and you are lucky to have him.



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