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Hi DK friends!

DK started an Instagram account just over a week ago and I'm trying to intersperse bits of education between photos. So far we've shared info on:

-- finding a rescue
-- choosing a responsible breeder
-- why doodles are not "hypoallergenic"

Now we can break each of these down into smaller bits of info and CONTINUE to educate on specifics, but wondering what you think are top priority OTHER topics worth doing education on via social media?  Some ideas I have are on poodle facts/history and retriever facts/hx for the sake of education on the parent breeds...but what else?

What should other doodle owners and potential doodle owners know?  What do you want to shout from the mountain tops?

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The only "reason" I can think of for wanting a hard aggressive breed is the challenge. Or why people get exotic not domesticated animals

I think this might be one of those "emotional support animals" for PTSD or similar, so really breed is mostly a matter of preference I would think.  They have 2 other dogs too, I dunno I don't think too hard about it, Riley gets along well with the puppy that's all that matters to me lol.

Oh and about wolfhound not jumping... reminds me of a horse I used to ride as a teenager.  Half clydesdale, about 17 hands, doing show jumping was super hard to get him to jump over small jumps instead of just trotting over them lol.  He was a smart cookie, former RCMP horse, he knew he didn't have to bother jumping :p

I agree with you Adina, but I'm not going to lie - I have always wanted a little monkey.  I think they're so cute. Probably a terrible pet, but adorable.

Ick ick ick. Monkeys! As my grandmother would have said, Feh! 
When I win the lottery, Stacy,  I'm buying you some land out in the middle of nowhere where you can have your chickens and monkeys and 900 dogs and whatever other creatures you want. 

retractable leashes should be outlawed. It drives me nuts that people walk along oblivious as to what their dog is doing or where it is. They let it invade your space, cross the street and they let them avoid picking up poop. I wish for every retractable leash to break and hit the walker. And then, they comment that the dog never learned to walk on a lead. And THEN they let their kids walk the 60 pound dog on a retractable leash!  

I’m just getting my rant started. :-)

I'm with you, sister!!!!


And that applies to all dogs of course, not just doodles.

Honestly, this too goes back to training, because anyone who takes even a basic puppy class would have learned that you don't use a retractable leash, ever. 

RIGHT !!! I hate those things !! 

Coat types and care. A lot of people don't realize how much work is needed to keep the curly non-shedding coat in good condition. 

Okay, we REALLY need to educate about Poodles. I can't believe somebody made a comment on FB about not getting a Poodle because "WE are an active family." When I mentioned that there was no breed more active than Poodles, her response was "Not really. Hyper maybe. But as far as chasing a ball or a frisbie, or taking 2-3 mile walks..." !!!!!!!!
It is mind boggling to me that anyone owns a dog that is at least half Poodle and is this stupid about the parent breeds. 

Jasper's great grandfather:

Poodles are very athletic dogs...they were bred for hunting waterfowl just like labs etc. but are more intelligent which means they need even more stimulation. 

Where do people get this information?  Even a quick Google search will tell you poodles are hunting dogs.



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