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Hi DK friends!

DK started an Instagram account just over a week ago and I'm trying to intersperse bits of education between photos. So far we've shared info on:

-- finding a rescue
-- choosing a responsible breeder
-- why doodles are not "hypoallergenic"

Now we can break each of these down into smaller bits of info and CONTINUE to educate on specifics, but wondering what you think are top priority OTHER topics worth doing education on via social media?  Some ideas I have are on poodle facts/history and retriever facts/hx for the sake of education on the parent breeds...but what else?

What should other doodle owners and potential doodle owners know?  What do you want to shout from the mountain tops?

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Wow! Jasper has a lot to live up to.:-}

That great-grandfather has records. Nobody is going to live up to him. He even has a weight-pull title. The funny thing is, I wasn't even aware of him when I chose Jasper's litter. His father, grandparents, and other great grandfathers are pretty impressive too.

Please don't get a puppy if you have young (under five) children unless you are an experienced dog owner!

Please pick a responsible breeder,  a responsible breeder will ask you more questions than you ask them.

This is at least a ten year commitment, dogs are not disposable items or fast fashion!


How to Choose Your Doodle Puppy

  • Start with a responsible breeder
  • Give your breeder information about your lifestyle and preferences
  • Let the breeder choose

Would you add anything to that ^ ?  I want to keep it simple with a short added explanation about how a good breeder doesn't let you pick based on first come/first serve or when pups have barely opened their eyes.  The breeder will be watching the puppies closely, noticing their quirks and temperament and often even have a third party evaluate temperament.  They will consider your preferences, but aren't going to just give you "the big brown one with a white paw" because you think it's cutest and you paid first.  A good breeder wants to make as perfect a match as possible to ensure your puppy has a forever home.



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