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What brand and kind of camera do you use to get great pictures of your doodle(s)?

As the holidays approach, many of us may be thinking of getting a different camera to help us capture those unforgettable doodle moments. There seems to be sales, sales, and more sales! I like to have a wish list on hand for items that I am possibly interested in buying now or in the future. Please share with us the name of a user friendly point and shoot or SLR camera that you use to take awesome pictures of your doodle(s). Thanks for your suggestions!!!

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When shopping cameras, think SPEED=FPS (Frames per Second). Personally, I am a Nikon fan. The D40 is a great user friendly DSLR for a starter camera. The 18-200 VR lens is pricey but worth every penny. Currently I use a D300 and I love it due to the 8FPS speed(withMBD10grip) and 51 point autofocus. Without speed you may miss moments like this.

I love my Nikon D40. I have had it for 1 1/2 yrs. It takes the best action shots! You can see some examples on my page. A website that I get lots of phot taking info from is I did add a terrific point and shot that I love for when I don't want to take a large, heavy SLR with me. In Disney, etc. It's a Canon Powershot SD780IS. They have deals on the Canon right now. My Dad just got is for my Mom at Amazon for $179. The Canon Powershot is tops with Consumer reports in its bracket. It's the size of a deck of cards. My favorite is my Nikon though. It takes wonderful pictures. I would look at some review sites and use pricegrabber to find good prices. I found mine as a package. It came with three lenses. All that I could ever need. Happy Picture taking!!
Did you take this picture. It is fabulous!!!
I use the Canon Rebel (G), and love it. I also added a zoom lens which I use most of the time. I was wondering if you ever had your camera cleaned? I've heard it's a good idea, but I'm not sure where to take it. I bought it at Ritz Camera locally, but they are now all out of business in our area. This is such an awesome picture. How did you do it?
Gorgeous picture! You are right, there are so many great cameras on the market. I am going to Google the names of the cameras and read the reviews. I've had it in the back of my mind to look into getting a SLR camera but with the uncertainty of the economy, I really hadn't given it any thought until I saw all of the sales that are going on. Everyone's help is greatly appreciated!!
Canon only!

it takes a good camera and a good eye for framing a picture, I notice most take pictures standing up and looking down on their dog~ ugh... Get down at eye level with your dog when taking pics and I do mean eye level... that means on your knees or belly : )
My mom is a photographer and only uses her Digital Canon Rebel. It is awesome. She has used Canon only for the past 30+ years.
For a smaller, less expensive camera, we both have our own SD1100 Canon's. It fits in your pocket and I think the quality is great for the price ($200).
Wow, thank you for sharing information on the camera that you use to capture special doodle memories. I knew that I could count on my fellow doodle members to share their experiences. I'm going to research your suggestions and then take it from there. Once again, many thanks!!!!!!!!! Kathy (Ellie & Oliver)
I bought a Canon EOS 50D last winter, and I love it. It came with a kit lens, which works well. I've recently added a wide-angle lens for more landscape pics and some home remodeling pics (want to capture as much of the room in the shot as I can), and I'm loving that so far, too. My point-and-shoot is also a Canon. It's a PowerShot XS100. I think almost all the pics on my page were taken with one of these 2 cameras.
Thank you for replying to my question. I think that I am leaning towards purchasing a Canon. I'm still researching all of the different kinds of Canon SLR cameras. It seems that both Canon and Nikon cameras have wonderful reviews. I have always used point and shoot cameras and so the world of SLR seems a bit confusing to me, especially the terminology. I just don't want to spend money on a camera that I may find too difficult to use! I'm sure that many people had the same type of concerns before purchasing their camera. I have joined the Photography Group here on DK. So we'll see how my SLR journey unfolds!!!!!
Maybe you should post this discussion there.
Posting this camera discussion in the Photography Group would probably would be a great idea, but I don't have any idea how to do that. Could you explain how to do post it in very simple terms or is it possible for someone else to post it? Thanks! Kathy (Ellie & Oliver)



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