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What brand and kind of camera do you use to get great pictures of your doodle(s)?

As the holidays approach, many of us may be thinking of getting a different camera to help us capture those unforgettable doodle moments. There seems to be sales, sales, and more sales! I like to have a wish list on hand for items that I am possibly interested in buying now or in the future. Please share with us the name of a user friendly point and shoot or SLR camera that you use to take awesome pictures of your doodle(s). Thanks for your suggestions!!!

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I'll try copying the whole thing and see how that goes.
Check it out and if it's OK then maybe you can delete this discussion so all replies will be in one place.
Thanks a million!!! I think that the information that was shared would benefit others as well as myself. I hope that it works!
You're welcome.
This discussion was moved to the Photography Group. Please post your replies there. Thank you! Kathy (Ellie & Oliver)



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