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Some of you might know that I also have 2 cats besides Benny and obviously the three have a conspiracy thing going on. My cat Lucy somehow teached herself to open doors recently. I assume it happened first by accident and now she is doing it in the whole house. As soon as she finds a room with a closed door she jumps up and pushes down the doorhandle. I am happy that I can lock the front door so she cannot open that one.
But now comes the worst thing. Yesterday I watched her opening the door to the guest bathroom. Benny and my other cat Daisy were watching her as well. As soon as the door was open all three rushed in. I was curious what they were doing in there so I followed them. And guess what?
Benny opened the toilet seat with his nose and all three happily started drinking out of toilet.
I know it really sounds not real but I swear it actually happened. It was a strange teamwork achievement and I wonder how they decided on their plans.
Sometimes my pets really are weirdos...
In case they are trying it again I will get a video of it if I am quick enough.

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LOL! The Benny & the Cats gang strikes again! Wait till they find the treat cabinet!
Hey, wasn't that an Elton John song? =)
It must be nice to see them working as a team. That's hilarious! You should definitely try to capture it on video. If Benny and Daisy are supposed to be keeping watch, it sounds like they need a little more practice, since you were able to watch them the whole time.
That is amazing. it reminds me of the 2 year old triplets who I once saw on TV. They cooperated in reaching the top shelf for cookies. Pretty smart animals.

Remember the book "Animal Farm"?
They may know much more than they allow us to know......
Video camera.........always close by! It's amazing what they can and will do.



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