What do you want to ask the Expert?

In lieu of the podcast that nobody is interested in...or in the meantime...I've found two veterinarians to interview on video for DK.  They are both from WSU.  One is a parasite specialist, think worms, fleas, giardia!!! Hooray for parasites...um I mean KNOWLEDGE about them. 

The other is a behaviorist and animal behavior instructor.  I think she has done some research on anxiety in dogs.


So think about these two topics and comment with questions you are interested in getting answers to.  Less "diagnose/treat my dogs" type questions, though, but I imagine asking about specific behaviors or ideas for management is okay.  The dates/times are TBA and while I will take these questions to the experts, the interview will be recorded, not live.  But I will post it on DK!



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  • This is sounds great.

    I would like to ask the parasite specialist about giardia treatments. It seems so many vets automatically prescribe metronidazole, when there is a ton of information on veterinary websites (even on vet school websites) stating that Panacur is safer and more effective. We get so many posts in the Food & Health groups about puppies with ongoing GI issues, and it almost always turns out that the pups were treated for giardia early on with multiple courses of metronidazole, and often without a good probiotic given afterwards. Some of these pups go on to develop chronic and sometimes serious GI disease, often with bacterial imbalances (SIBO). 
    So my question is, why are so many vets so quick to reach for metronidazole to treat giardia? 

    • I'm excited about giardia too.  I want to see what she says about breeders with giardia.  How common is it?  How can breeders prevent it...etc.


      But seriously, this interview is NO different than a podcast would be except, on a podcast, you can't SEE the person and don't have to stare at the screen to learn the same info and it would reach far more people.  I'll see if the sound from the low tech video recording will be good enough for a podcast.  

      • I don't want to brag or anything, but I can listen to what is being said without staring at the screen. I can even listen and fold laundry. It's a gift. :)


        • LOL. I just want people to get excited about the podcast equally.  Because it would be exactly the same content, but downloadable, portable, subscribable and reach farther and wider!  

          • Subscribable as in you have to pay for a subscription? 

            • No, as in, if you're subscribed on a podcast player like itunes, you can set it to automatically download new episodes :)

  • My second doodle, Bernie, from day two, seems to strive for all of the attention. If my first doodle, Ike, is right next to me, Bernie, will jump up and literally sit on top of Ike and myself to be next to me. I'll give them the same toy at the same time and he will take Ike's away. I can give lots of examples but you get the idea. Bernie has also played really agressively since he was a puppy. We try really hard to treat them equally so that there is no jealousy. Bernie started acting like this so immediately, is it possible he was born this way? Thank goodness Ike is so patient and sweet with him. Thanks for listening.


  • I have a young dog that redirects excitement at my older dog. I’d like the behavior expert to discuss ways to train against this behavior, beyond removing stimulants.

  • Im super nervous about ticks, especially where I live. Our doodle, as do all I’m sure, has a super thick red curly coat. How is best to do tick checks on her, given her dense curls?


  • Giardia has been a wierd one for our pup, 14 month old energetic and super friendly pupper. She has tested positive for it, and prescribed different meds three times now. 

    She has had it since we got her at 9 weeks. Having done several rounds of the meds and diligently washed and scrubbed EVERYTHING often .... she has always been assymptomatic but repeatedly has had a negative follow up test repeated 4-6 weeks later and again positive. 

    Is it possible that there are some that are “carriers” but show no physical signs of it? 


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