This is our boy Murphy as a puppy and now at 3 months old. Both his parents are goldendoodles and have furnishings. His siblings are very fluffy and wavy and Murphy doesn't look much like them. Do any of you have an idea of what this little guy's coat is going to look like once he is grown?

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  • He is absolutley adorable.  He got the golden retriever genes from both parents.  He is going to look more like a mini golden retriever which is a specific doodle look. 

    • Thanks, he brings us alot of joy. 😁

  • Gosh with that FIRST photo of the younger him, I could have sworn he'd be very well furnished!  The second photo was surprising.  It is *possible* that his facial furnishings are just shorter than average and kind of laying flat and might spring up later.  But I dunno....  Time will tell I guess.  If both his parents were furnished but were not TESTED for their furnishings genes, it's possible they each only carried one gene for furnishings and one for incorrect coat and that your pup got the incorrect coat gene from each.  Normally, breeders test for furnishings to be sure there is no possibility of passing on two incorrect coat genes.  So that if ONE parent carried for incorrect coat, then the other would need to carry two copies of the furnishing gene because then each dog would still be furnished. 

    • If both parents are F1 goldendoodles, then both parents have one I/C gene and one gene for furnishings, and that's how you get open-faced dogs from two furnished parents. No testing necessary in that case. 
      This pup is open faced, he does not have furnishings and I don't think he'll get them. I was surprised by the 2nd photo, too, but then I thought about the way GR pups look versus adult GRs. It's very similar. This guy has the high set crimped ears that stick out away from the head, and the crimped kinky fur on top of the head, both of which are markers of open faced doodles. But he does have longer hair above the eyes, and maybe some fuzz on the muzzle, so it's possible he might doodle out. 

      • Karen is right!  For some reason I keep expecting that nobody is breeding F2s...but they still are.

        • Even with an F2B, each parent could have the I/C gene. The only way you can be assured of furnishings is if one parent is a purebred Poodle. When there are retrievers on both sides of the pedigree, all bets are off. 

    • Thanks for all the responses. I think Karen might be right but we"ll have to wait to see. We really wanted that teddy bear look and based on his coat - when we picked him out - thats's what we assumed he'd be  Obviously we didn't know what we were doing 😜

      He's a really sweet boy and no matter his coat  we love him ♥️

      Looking forward to exploring more on this site and posting more pictures of Murphy.

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