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What is the sweetest thing your doodle has done? I want to hear your stories.

Parris has done many things that are sweet but the very sweetest was when she was about 7 months old and I was reading Marley and Me. I started crying and Parris got up and starting licking my tears. I was so shocked and touched. Parris is so very "TUNED IN". I have never been so lucky to have a dog so aware and connected. Let me hear your sweet doodle stories.

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I love the way both of mine cuddle with me in the morning on the bed. Hubby leaves early in the morning and Buddy and Kona sprawl out on the bed next to me for another hour. When I wake up they both snuggle and give good morning kisses one at a time. I call Kona my little hot water bottle, because she curls up under my chest and keeps my warm all night. Buddy gives the best whole body hugs and I LOVE when he rests his head on mine before we start the day.
Just this morning my two doodles really touched my heart. Usually in the morning they are like a couple of spauirrels chasing each other around the house up and over the furniture, bed etc. This morning ( being my bbirthday) my DH got up shut the bedroom door and fed the doodles. When I got up about 2 hours later and opened the door, there they were, lying end to end with their backs against the door waiting for me to get up. So cute!
I love all these stories, they all touched my heart reading them. Gracie, almost 9 wks old, doesn't show a lot of affection right now, but I can't wait. I'm relieved to hear most doodles are older before showing any affection--I was really starting to worry she wasn't going to be a cuddler...our toy poodles are like little babies, they love to be loved on and they love to cuddle!!! :)
My mother had Alzhiemers and when she was still living she just loved Lucy. She would call out to her " Lucy Ball, where are you" And Lucy would come running. She would sit down right beside my mother and let my mom pet her and hug her. My mother would get the biggest smile on her face. Lucy has so much energy and when she is around people I have to watch her, but she must of sensed that my mother was frail as she would be more careful around her. I will never forget the love she brought to my mother. Thank you Lucy, I love you !!!!!
sounds like Lucy could have a future career as a therapy dog :)
Ned isn't really cuddly on a regular basis. I am glad to hear that some develop that later. He is a happy little guy who just has a zest for life and can't stay still long for cuddles. He will get on my lap like he wants cuddles, but within 30 seconds -- zoom he is off!
Wow, he must know I am writing this; he came over for a good pet (several minutes) got in my lap for several minutes, then jumped down for more petting! Now he is laying adoringly at my feet. And who said doodles can't read or aren't intuitive?
My old chow chow Butter is 14 years old. Lately he has been getting teary eyes, and around the area gets somewhat dirty.
When Charlie greets him, she always lick his face clean for him.....

It's probably submissive behavior, but it looks like she is trying to help the old Butter.....
I wouldnt call it sweet. But yesterday - waiting for the ferry - I was sitting on the lawn and Abby was with me. She charged towards another dog and barked in it's face (very rude of Abby) then turned kilter and crawled into my lap. I was thinking she was saying "Back off - get your own Mommy!" lol. DH said it was more like the coward who draws the Grizzly bear back to the hikers. LOL
My gramma lives in a nursing home. I wanted to have Neely become a therapy dog and a quazie assistant dog for myself with my physical issues. I started to take Neely to the nursing home when he was able to head out into the real world. My gramma's room mate was in bed and is fairly frail. Neely had been running down the halls playing fetch and doing tricks and showing off. Getting pets her and there. When I asked her if she liked dogs she said yes ( she has a big stuffed dog on her bed) so I picked Neely up and put him on the bed beside her. Instead of wiggling and trying to lick like a puppy usually does he layed down stretched out and put his head on her and gently licked her hand while she petted him. It was as if he knew to be gentle and seemed to give more love with his entire cuddly little body. It was soooo sweet.
Now when we go in he is about tall enough to look at her eye level when she is in bed.



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