I know all of our doodles are PERFECT!! But, I made a resolution to improve Parris' jumping up when greeting!!! She is so very obedient but when someone walks in our home, it is like springs come out of her paws and the jumping begins. It has been 2 weeks with a VERY small improvement. I want to hear your resolutions.

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  • Our resolution is improve Darwin's leash training when he's wearing his normal collar. He is fine and heels perfectly whenever we are somewhere familiar, but as soon as we go somewhere new and exciting, it's pull pull pull.
    • We have this problem also!! Parris does well with her pinch collar, but pulls like crazy with the soft collar going into agility class!!
  • OMG thats what I go thru,what R U doing to correct the problem ? I get so mad when Cheech does that to me and everyone who enters!!!
    • Hi Kathy, I am making her do a sit stay and then I release her with treats. Also, if she does it unexpectantly then I very gently shuffle into her while she is jumping. I am DETERMINED!!!
  • I guess I am vowing to keep better control of Gracie's hair tangles. We had been doing well, I thought, brushing/combing a body part each day. Then all of a sudden I discovered under her neck. Wow, her chest is almost bald after I had to cut that giant mat out! I will be more careful to brush all body parts, not just the easy ones! We also, are working on the "settle" command when visitors arrive, not great luck with that yet but maybe a little.
    • Luckily my goldendoodle, "Annie" doesn't mat but a friend has a 90 pounder who is search and rescue and she conditions the heck out of his coat so she can easily brush out burrs and tangles. De
    • What type of brush do you use??
    • This is my #1 resolution too! I had to have Darbey shaved down to the skin, it was heartbreaking. She was so matted all over, and they seemed to come out of nowhere! I finally broke down and purchased a Les Pooch brush and it is amazing. I only wish I would have purchesed it sooner so I could have saved Darbey from having to be shaved.

      • Darbey is too cute!!
  • I think my resolution so for Wilson to pass Pre-Novice He can sit so nicely at home but for that 1 minute sit Nope oh well I just laugh at then my other resolution for him and me would be to practice our come better and off leash training A lot to do!!!
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