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What is your New Year's Resolution with your Doodle? Funny or Serious I want to hear!

I know all of our doodles are PERFECT!! But, I made a resolution to improve Parris' jumping up when greeting!!! She is so very obedient but when someone walks in our home, it is like springs come out of her paws and the jumping begins. It has been 2 weeks with a VERY small improvement. I want to hear your resolutions.

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I think that the dog should only be allowed to jump up on them when he is invited to do so. If he is doing it uninvited he should be ignored. Jen
No, but I have the same problem with my daughter so if you figure it out, let me know!!!!
I have to agree on the Jumping up only when invited up ...... I realize the boys love it when he gives them hugs like that, but it would be even cooler if they were able to have Fozzy Bear to do it on their command with a hand signal and a "Fozzy Bear, hugs". Wouldn't that just melt your heart! Not sure how old your boys are but that should attract some girls I would think! We have that problem at our house as well and Lucy is so big I'm afraid she is going to knock my mom down. She just has no concept how big she is!
Yes, that is what the boys must remember to do! Our Boomer did this before he got arthritis.....just adorable. I don't know why I didn't think of this myself!!!! I would make Boomer sit, then pat my shoulders and say "hugs"....pretty simple to teach the dogs....the boys......not so much! lol.
Leash training is our #1 goal.
2nd Resolution is starting agility in March to hone in on Peri's skills and have fun bonding with her :)
3rd Resolution is remember to train at least 10 minutes/day to reiterate basic commands.
Scrappy's resolution is to lose 5, extra and my fault totally, lbs.....I told her that it's only her shorter legs that make her look a bit heavier;)
Grover's going to work on his attention and improve his command response time.
Both will get more exercise and will be brushed out thoroughly, more often, to keep the matting under control.
MUST get this boy potty trained, once and for all.....He's also experiencing a bit of a "wild", teenage streak. Jumping, chasing the cat, etc.
This is a big year for Dudley! I have to work with him to stop "counter surfing." We started obedience training and there is some improvement...he has learned not to do it if I can see him.



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