Hi! Thank you in advance for the input. My F1 doodle is almost 11 weeks old now. He seemed like he might be wavy when he was younger, but the older he gets the flatter his coat seems to be getting and we can't tell if he will have furnishings or not. This is our first time having a doodle, so we aren't sure what to look for. We did order a DNA the that included testing for the improper coat gene, but any feedback before we get that would be appreciated! The pictures attached are at 6 weeks and then at 10 weeks. He looks very retriever like now, hardly anyone believes he has doodle in him. Curious what you guys think! Thanks!

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  • I predict flat coated but maybe with a few wispy bits.  He sure is cute :)

  • I think that your pup will be very retriever-looking with a flat coat and no facial furnishings but little ruffles at the top of the ears. It is a very distinctive doodle look, just not the traditional fluffy dog one. You can always see their beautifully, expressive eyes when they have this look. 

  • Goldendoodle?  

    I lean toward flat coated, but maybe there are some wisps that are laying super glad and haven't popped yet?  Hard to tell :). But he's cute!

  • I would also lean toward open faced. Maybe a little shaggy. It's so hard to tell and sometimes they surprise you. 
    this was my little one when she wasn't even quite 8 weeks old. She already had a lot of furnishings on her face. I would expect to see more if your pup was going to have a really fluffy face. 

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