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Personally I think it's very cool seeing all the different doodles out there and am just curious why everyone picked their otherdoodle. I picked a bernedoodle because I love Bernese Mountian Dogs but I can't handle the large amounts of shedding. True to form Loki is very quiet, calm, loyal, and a smart gentle giant. Calm was one of the huge things that lead me to this breed and Bernese are typically very calm.

Interested to hear what you guys have to say!

Jess and Loki

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Well, I had my otherdoodle first :)  He is standard poodle and cocker spaniel and he is the larger of the two.  Great personality, smart and loving.  I went back to the breeder to get another like him and ended up with a medium sized chocolate labradoodle.  So very happy to have them both and would definitely continue to have one of each.  Different personalities and they get along so great with each other.  I did not want a shedding dog after having one that didn't shed, and with them both being curly and non shed I am thrilled.  Buddy is 9 and Kona is 7.  Without Kona I would never have found this wonderful place where I have met tons of friends!

Both of your guys are super cute!

Our one year old shepadoodle is an old soul. Calm, intelligent, loyal, gentle and athletic, he's the total package. Before my husband discovered this breed, I didn't know they were bred for the military but it makes sense: a non-shedding dog that combines the best of two extremely smart breeds. We'd both had German Shepherds before but no experience with poodles. Quick as a whip yet quiet unless he's alerted that something's amiss, our boy is a social butterfly, playful and affectionate. His drive to protect and serve, ever obedient, was something that came out as the months went by but reading up on this unique breed, meeting and interacting with the breeder, convinced us that this was the dog we were looking for. He was the easiest dog to house train and passed puppy kindergarten with flying colors. Now 60 lbs and taller than our 11 year old, Bo goes paddleboarding, hiking, camping and to work with us. He is everything we hoped he would be and more!  




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