•  Take a look at this dog's photos, this is a great "shaggy" coat. Your dog will likely look a lot like this, which is my favorite doodle look.

    Dan, Judi, & Timbow's Photos
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  • Cute! Thanks for sharing, I haven't seen many dogs that look like her so I had no idea!

  •  Yarra is simply adorable. I think the example Karen gave you is exactly what Yarra will look like. Her are 3 other scruffy doodles.8742454062?profile=RESIZE_400x8742454662?profile=RESIZE_400x8742457459?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • Wow they all look so different!

      • I think these three are probably curlier than your girl is going to be, but with doodles, you never know. 

        • Right, that was my thought. She has changed so much from when she first came home. I like seeing all the different shaggy looks that I haven't seen before!

  •  She is SOOOO cute!   I love her look :-) 

    • Thank you! Breeder said she'd be curly, but I'm glad she's got her own unique look going! People are always asking what type of dog she is. 

  • 8744581868?profile=RESIZE_400x

    My definition of shaggy perfection!

  • My gorgeous shaggy Jackdoodle needs to be here too!

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