• So cute! She does look very similar to my Yarra. It's so hard to predict what will happen, they change so much! 

  • Your baby is extremely beautiful!  You will love the shaggy look!  Plus, I personally think the shaggy/wavy coats are easier to maintain...mine do not mat unless I let them get too long.   Skadi, my English Cream never mats, but Elli who we rescued when she was 6 years old will mat if I don't get her groomed every 6 weeks.  Shaggy is chic!  Take lots of pictures!  Here are my two darlins' who are now 11 years and 12 1/2 years old already! Skadi and Elli my two loves8777077093?profile=RESIZE_930x8777077453?profile=RESIZE_930x8777078495?profile=RESIZE_930x8777078861?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Gorgeous pups! I think I have a shaggy doodle too ❤️❤️ - 13 weeks old today 8777993101?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • This is baxter he's 20 weeks and we're thinking wavey 8778362486?profile=RESIZE_930xcoat as well - what do you think? 8778362084?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Baxter is a 'beauty'!  BTW, love your floors...Baxter makes them look even more gorgeous! LOL.  Have fun and take lots of cute picture after cute picture!

    • Thank you! 🙂

  • Your dog is so cute! What did your dog look like when it was younger? I'm interested in seeing if this is what my 10 week old doodle will look like.

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