• Ah super cute! Now I see what straight hair can look like that isn't "flat" (if that's the right word), was hard to imagine before. 

      • The word you want is "fluffy", lol! 
        I don't know why people tend to equate "straight" with flat, but they do it with people's hair too, and it's wrong. Hair can be straight and full at the same time; just think of Jennifer Anniston, lol. 

      • Some dogs can be a combination too, our bernedoodle Riley has mostly straight hair on her face/head and lower legs but loose curls on her body.




  • Here's two other shaggy doodles. 8744895294?profile=RESIZE_400x8744900861?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • She looks similar to my Holly!  She is 5 months old now and I'm always trying to figure out what she will end up like!8758804679?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • It took Sassy a couple years to develop her full coat. She has the ideal- coat grows slowly and doesn't shed and she's a gorgeous color. She belongs to a friend. 

      • Is it the 8 month marker when they may have a big change in coat? It sounds like Sassy's coat continued to change well after the first year?

        • My doodles all started their coat changes around 4 months and didn't fully settle into the mature version of the coat until well after a year old.   

          Our current goldendoodle puppy Toby is about 5 months old and his coat is already showing signs of shifting to his adult coat. 

          • I didn't actually realize that's what was happening with Yarra, so I'm thinking she's already started the adult coat shift. 

        • Sassy has this slow growing coat so it could have started at 8 months or a year. It just took forever. 

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