I've looked through old posts but wanted a fresh set of responses.  We are updating our dog tags with new solid ones and I was wondering what is information is recommended. 

In the good old days you could include your name and address but today????  I've heard the debate about placing the dogs name but what about yours (the owners).  I was told if you have the dogs name you should put your name that way if lost or worse case stolen they can contact you directly and your name on there solidifies ownership (in conjunction with the microchip, of course). 

Then there are some that say do not mention microchip that way if stolen and taken to a vet the dog can be held until you are notified if the person bringing in the dog is not the owner listed on the chip, if they know they may try to remove the chip themselves (harming the dog) or take it to a shady vet who won't turn them in - if they take them to a vet at all? 

Geez, I hate the world has come to this.  We camp A LOT in the desert along the river and my biggest fear is the dogs will take off and that tag would mean everything to a quick return if access to chip reading is not readily available?

I unfortuantely can not be with my girls all the time, I work full time and we do A LOT of outings where anything can happen (if not to them maybe me)?

What do you have on their id tags and/or what do you recommened?



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  • I have never heard of anyone trying to remove a microchip from a lost or stolen dog, and it sounds pretty unlikely to me. I also wonder where one would find a "shady" vet, lol. This sounds kind of far-fetched, and i would not worry about these things. I'm actually wondering where you read or heard of this.

    Jack's tag has his name and my phone number on it. I have no concerns about his ever taking off or being lost, and he is never anywhere outside without supervision, so that's sufficient for us.

  • I just have the dog's name and my cell number... not a home number in case you aren't home. 

  • Strange and shame on me, but a few months ago we were going away and I was preparing Spud's needs on our vacation. I looked at his tags and the phone numbers were not correct!  We had long since gotten rid of our land line ( one for home and another for business/fax)  as many have done the last few years.  So, just in case, a reminder, everyone check the tags!    How could I have missed this?  But I did.

    Do you even have a land line now?

    • I still have a land line Joanne ! Wouldn't be without it. I know it seems like such a long time ago, but back in 1998 we had a major ice storm in this area. Roads were impassable for weeks, and electricity was out. Cell towers were down due to the weight of all the ice. Only thing that worked were the landlines ! So I have a cell, but remain loyal to the land line too !

      Put my cell on my tags though.

    • I also still have a landline, I'm too old-fashioned to give it up, no matter what my DD says! When we had our 4 day power failure a couple of years ago, I was one of the only people who had a working phone. Can't charge mobile phones without electricity!

      • Congress cut the land line in the yearly budget cuts  or I do believe I would still have mine, however, after 30  years with the same number, no one called me but solicitors. So, I don't miss it a bit

        • We rented our house out for a couple of years during an ill-advised move. The renters added so many phone lines illegally that we couldn't get reception on our landline and the phone company couldn't fix it. ARRGH! Hence the cell phone family we became. But, I do not miss the solicitors. I only worry I'll need to call 911 and fail that somehow. 

  • I have address and cell.  And dog's name I believe.  Possibly our last name.  I have to check!

  • Hello everyone!   It's been awhile since I have been on here and I saw this post and just had to comment!   I have Cooper's name my cell number on Cooper's tag, along with my  hubby's and the word microchip.    I feel like if someone finds Cooper, I want him to be comfortable until I can get to him and someone knowing his name will help.    Also, I know I have mentioned this before, but it is a good idea to keep all of your dogs information with you.   Take a picture of your Microchip # tag, your Dog license tag, if  you have them.   Especially if you are traveling.   Have the phone number of the Company that you have your chip registered with in your cell phone, so you can report your dog missing. 

    Another tip, also mentioned previously and nothing to do with dog tags,  while  you are taking pictures of those, take pictures of all of your credit cards, driver's license, etc in  your wallet and store them in a safe place, in case you lose your wallet.   I have a file that I can access when I travel in case of emergency.   It's great to think of the dogs, but we need to take care of doggie parents too.  :-)

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