• Do you have another photo or two you could post?

    • Especially one where we can see his face from the front, it's easier to tell if they have furnishings from that angle.

      • 8009063861?profile=RESIZE_584xHi! Here you go!! 8009051485?profile=RESIZE_584x

        • What a cute little face!

          It looks to me like your pup will be flat-coated.  The good news is easier grooming, bad news is your pup will shed (probably heavily).  

          Pups who will be wavy fleece have a lot more hair growth on their muzzle between the eyes at this age.  Here's my pup Riley at that age so you can compare.  As an adult she now has a wavy, thick fleecy coat.



        • What a beautiful puppy. I don't think she will get the usual doodle look but she has such a beautifully shaped head. An advantage of a shorter haired dog is that you can really see them. 

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