I just received Adina's email saying that she will be shutting down this fabulous website come March.  I am sad about this as I am certain many of us are.  There is such a huge wealth of information on this site that it will be a crying shame for all the knowledge to disappear.  Karen Jackdoodle -- honestly -- I have learned so so much from your wisdom.  I can't fathom it not being readily available.

I wrote to Adina asking if she considered "selling" this site (academic questions because I have ZERO tech skills or any more time than most of us) but I thought -- what if Doodle Kisses could become a subscription website and Adina could pay someone to manage it.  I know I would pay to have access to the information on this page. It had been invaluable to me and I know to many of you all.

Maybe this is a crazy idea but ... maybe we can find a way to keep Doodle Kisses going? IF Adina was so inclined, of course.

Is this a crazy idea?  

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  • I think it's a great idea, but people are not using it now when it's free, so I doubt anyone would subscribe. :(
    It breaks my heart to think of all this being gone. 

  • What Karen says is mainly it, people aren't USING the website.  They aren't logging in or participating.  Selling the site to someone who doesn't share the same vision, values and standards when it comes to doodles is not an option.  

    • That makes perfect sense.  I feel guilty because I was often on the site without logging in.  It is such a shame that this huge community with all this knowledge and experience will be gone.  Thank you both.  Adina for the very existence of this page and again, to  Karen, your wealth of knowledge has been so helpful to so many.  I followed you and Jack from the very beginning of my Doodle Life Journey. 

      I hope that one day there will be a way to access this wealth of information.  In the meantime, maybe the FB page can partially make up for the site being gone.

      • Thank you for your kind words, Christina. I'm glad DK has meant something to you, it's been such a big part of my life. 

    • I noticed the decline in participation when you took DK to Facebook.   I have never figured out Facebook and  how it could replace this website.

      • Me too, Anne.

      • Participation declined long before that.  But I didn't really take DK there, I started the FB fan page around the same time because that's when people were HIGHLY using Facebook.  I don't think the page had an impact on participation here because you can't really participate on the page.  Rather the timeline is that that's when Facebook was getting more use as a whole and people started to use what they were already using.  The "group" on FB is far newer than the decline.

  • Doodle Kisses has been such an important part of my dog parenting, and when it was active, a fun part of my social life. I actually don't understand why this form of social media isn't popular any longer, but I'm from an older generation. 

    • It's because of smart phones. People just want to scroll and look at pictures. No reading, no thinking. For sure no grammar or spelling. It's called "dumbing down the masses". 

      • As someone who deals with younger people who are supposed to be reading important information I provide for them regularly... I can confirm they don't tend to read things!

        I've also had to cut way back on the amount of text I use in my notes etc. for students because they often just don't have very good reading comprehension.

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