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Here's a question: when did your boy doodle start acting like a "man"? Webster is almost 9 months old and still squats. He shows no interest in 'marking' or lifting his leg. I don't really care, but I am curious.........

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Remi is almost 10 months and still doesn't :) I heard if they don't see other dogs do the behavior they won't... we'll see!
My 11.5 month old Murphy has been with our daughters 2 yr old Marley for over 2 months now and even tho Marley lifts his leg, even in the back yard, Murphy is oblivious. We thought Murphy would learn the behavior from watching Marley too. Yeah, the pee-pee-paw is nasty. We rinse feet a lot at our house. At least Marley is white so you can see the yellow stain. Murphy is apricot, so I just assume it's pee if his paw is wet.
Riley will be 2 years old in January and still squats -- he was neutered at 6 months. When we walk him, he usually squats just once in the beginning. The only time when he doesn't pee all at once is when he's really excited. It's as if he's too impatient to squat for more than 2 seconds, so it usually leads to 2 squats, but it doesn't seem like he's marking. Sometimes, when he's sniffing a bush, it seems like he's a little puzzled wondering how a dog can pee so high!
Boomer, my GR lived 14 years and never once lifted his leg. Fozzy is one year old and to this point has not yet lifted his leg either.
Well, I think you have all the replies you need, but Taquito never lifts his leg unless he is with other males and is trying to mimic them. And when he lifts, he pees all over himself - it is sooo funny because he doesn't know how to do it really :)
We were just commenting about this over Thanksgiving because my son brought his goldendoodle pup Noonan home and he is 8 months old, still squats and has not humped anyone's leg yet! I have always been a female dog owner (primarily because I have 2 sons and I wanted another fellow female in the house), but I think this is a bit out of the ordinary isn't it? He is a pretty submissive boy even though he already weighs over 70 lbs. Does this have anything to do with it?

On another potty note, my new 7 week old pup that I brought home yesterday already scratches after she poops! I have never seen this so early in my dogs, in fact my other doodle Luah didn't start this until she was over 2... I know this scratching action is the dog trying to spread his/her scent around after defecating but I wouldn't think a 7 week old would be interested in doing that...
"Humping" is a dominant behavior that doesn't really have much to do with a dog's sex or even being neutered; even some neutered female dogs will do it.
Sophie humps Lucy all the time ..... drives me crazy!
And Sophie is the dominant one, right?
Most definitely!
Max will be one year old this coming Monday and he still squats. I work at doggy daycare and he comes along with me. He has not picked it up from the other markers.
Jack will be 3 in two weeks and still squats, although I should say it is more of a forward lean. On the other end I always say he is doing his impersonation of a kangaroo when he does #2. Its those long legs and tail. We adopted a schnauzer in August that is about a year and he lifts his leg, no squat.



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