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Here's a question: when did your boy doodle start acting like a "man"? Webster is almost 9 months old and still squats. He shows no interest in 'marking' or lifting his leg. I don't really care, but I am curious.........

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I grew up with male dogs and they all lifted their legs, usually at around 8 months old. All of the male dogs I know lift their legs. I actually prefer the leg hike as the squat leaves yellow spots on the lawn. I've seen several female dogs who squat and mark thier territory or 're-mark' whatever dog just went so I don't think that leg lifting is a strictly territorial/dominance issue. We were very happy when our GR mix started hiking his leg as he was a fountain and would soak his front leg - especially unpleasant as he would greet us with an extended paw. Webster holds it and holds it and holds it and then gets excited and......well he leaves evidence of his excitement. Going for a walk doesn't trigger the desire to mark. He is now 68 lbs and when he spreads out to squat it is kind of a funny sight. At least he's not soaking his front leg.....



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