• In chocolate Labrador Retrievers, the puppies are born with green eyes which change to amber/light brown over the first three years. Brown Poodles may also be born with greenish eyes that change to brown as the dog gets older. I'd guess your pup's eyes are going to eventually change to amber or brown, but since doodles are a mixed breed, there are always surprises.

    • Interesting, thank you so much for the explanation, guess I should take lots of pictures and enjoy it for now.  I'm sure I'm going to love his eyes no matter what color they are. 

      • You just helped me realize why I don't ❤️ brown poodles but I do love brown doodles!  I love the light eyes that doodles tend to have when they are brown. Like this poodle that is still young...3367581267?profile=original
  • For several months we fostered a bichon/poodle who was about 18 months old that had the coolest green eyes. They changed from green to more of an Amber while we had him. 

    • I saw a beautiful bichon yesterday, such sweet looking dogs. 

  • Oh yes.  I had a bichon, Kirby and she was the sweetest dog.  My daughter's labradoodle pup, Koda has that same sweetness and comical trait.   She reminds me of Kirby except Koda is much larger!

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