A friend just asked me for advice in weeding out the irresponsible breeders from the responsible ones, and I am not sure which version of "What to look for in a breeder" is the most current. How can I find it? Thanks!

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  •  https://doodlekisses.com/notes/What_To_Look_for_In_a_Breeder

    Finding a Breeder
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  • Another good source in my opinion is to check out the Australian Labradoodle Association website for what they expect of their breeders which applies to all "good" breeders.

  • There's only one version -- where are you finding multiple versions?
    Is she looking for a doodle or another breed?  Quite often breed clubs have good guidelines if she does a Google search for "(insert breed name here) club of America."

    • She is looking for a goldendoodle.  

      When I did an initial search, I came up with a 2013 discussion and assumed that it had been updated.

      • That article is super important so it is in our FAQ tab at the top.  Hover over it on a desktop computer and you'll see the link.  

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