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If you have been looking for our chat page or the little chat box in the right column of Doodle's no longer there!

The system that Doodle Kisses runs on has made some changes and that includes some changes in chat. If you look at the bottom of your screen you'll see this:

--The red arrow above points to where you can see the number of members online.
--Click where there is a green circle and your chat box will pop out free floating
--Click where there is a blue circle and your chat box will pop up as part of the page and you can see who is online and chat in the main chat area...and it will look like this:

--If you want to chat with ONE on their name and then select "private chat" and a new "room" within the chat area will open up as you await the member to join you in chat.

Seems so far the connection is not as stable as it should be, but play around with it and Enjoy!!!

To CLOSE the chat box...use the same arrows you used to open it..BUT..they are at the top of the box when it is open =)

Here is a video demo:

Find more videos like this on

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Remember to turn on your sound so you hear when someone says something in chat!
How do you know when someone is requesting a private chat with you and is waiting in the private chat room?
There will be a notice at the bottom of your screen indicating this. If your sound is on in CHAT then you may hear a sound too. Wanna try it?



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