I can't give but so much information on looks because our sweet Bishop hasn't come home to live with us yet (or been seen in person by us). The first picture is the most recent I have received. I was expecting more hair on his snout. He is 14 weeeks in this pic. I am not sure if his younger pics are useful but they follow after the first with him around 7 weeks old. The younger pics are the ones I picked him out with. With my reading in general and more so on this site i'm learning past the adult coat there is no way to know what you're going to get regardless of puppy looks. However i'm curious what other owners see in his fur and furnishings (that's what it's called?) similar to their pup as they grew. He is coming to us so much older than most other pups because he is in trainging. Sorry I could not get this under the pup to adult forum. Im

new here and find the site a little confusing. Excited to see what others have to say 4047157150?profile=RESIZE_710x4047160687?profile=RESIZE_710x4047163077?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • I'm glad you figured out how to post!  I think I see a fuller snout.  That area between his eyes seems fluffed up even if no hair is poking straight out.  So that's hopeful...

  • Thank you, Adina. If between his eyes matters that gives me hope. And the laptop worked much better to make a post. 

  • So I have NO idea where you've posted this.  It's like in a secret old forum section...lol.  It doesn't show up in the main discussion Forum... hmm.  Will go investigate.

  • Oh my gosh! How do I manage to pull these things off?!?! Lol maybe I should try again tomorrow. 

    • I figured it out and moved it.  You didn't do anything wrong.  It's like a hidden forum that I had put in early on and then didn't use so you probably found some older discussion within that forum and posted in the same area.  No worries!

  • He looks quite a lot like Murphy at that age.  She has  a fleece coat and long hair now on her nose.  Her nose was the last to fill in.  Murphy is a multigen Australian labradoodle.  Sorry I cannot find a 14 week picture

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