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I have not been on DK as often as I would like.  I completely missed that the HDA trophy had to go in for reconstructive surgery until Pat & Traveler's post on being the latest HDA recipient.  That reminded me that I have missed the saga of the traveling, "I Love Intercourse (pennsylvania)" t-shirt.  Was it retired or is it still traveling?    

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It was mentioned of late but it hasn't been seen for some time. But someone, can't remember who, said that whoever had it is quite busy.

Still travelling, but it's had a layover. You can expect it to make another appearance soon. 

The person who had it is moving it on soon and a discussion will follow. The last winner of the famous shirt decided she did not want to go to Intercourse and her husband has now asked her to send the shirt along and quit teasing him :) LOL Only part of this is true....I wonder which part :) are too much...but keep it up! We all love a good laugh. 

Thanks, Lori!

Laurie, Laurie, Laurie!  You are way tooooo funny:)

Okay all, I can explain the layover as I have had our famous Intercourse T shirt for almost 4 months. It arrived just as I was gearing up for the tedious overwhelming task of studying for my boards. There just wasn't any brain matter or time to spare, so the T-shirt sat on my desk next to my piles of books. And as Laurie said it taunted my poor deprived DH everyday, until he just couldn't take another cold shower, waiting until I had taken my Boards. I asked him to take a picture of me in it once and he just shook his head and headed for the shower again.....poor man.
I finished studying and taking my Boards just in time to have my desktop crash, which contained ALL my really good Murphy and Bella Pictures and its impossible (for me) to do much with posting pictures with my iPad.
So, not knowing when or how I could even complete my assignment, I decided to pass it along to the second place winner, so it can be enjoyed by another. Donna was more than happy to have the honor bestowed upon her. The t-shirt is happily on its way to NY and we will probably see its re-appearance shortly. Taking the lead from Laurie, Can you guess which part is true? :)

Aw Sue-I am sure your life will some day settle down and you will have a second chance to pose in the T shirt!  

Hopefully we will have a some good titles for the new picture contest and they will make you laugh in the meantime!  

Oh thank you Lori. I look forward to the next contest!

Hope you at least signed it, you certainly deserved that honor still !! Hope you get the desktop fixed, and passed your boards !

Hope you signed it too!!  The best part of that crazy shirt is seeing how far it's traveled :)  Good luck on your Boards!  I can't believe you would put them above Intercourse (the shirt) ;)



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