White hairs on 6.5 mth old f1

Hello everyone! Our 6.5 mth f1 goodendoodle is starting to get a few white hairs. Is this her coat starting to change? Does this mean she might end up a white dog? We haven't had any hair loss with her so far.

ive attached a photo of just one hair lol but she has them everywhere 



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  • It looks a bit more coarse than the rest of her hair, could be her adult coat coming in.  She's a fairly deep apricot so I'd be surprised if she ended up white but you never know.

    Our previous goldendoodle Luna had similar coloring to your pup, she had an apricot top coat and a white undercoat, but her top coat had some white/cream hairs in it too, especially in the shoulder blade area and tail.  Her face/ears started to fade to white at around 5 years old, but she only made it to 7 so I'm not sure if the rest of her would have ended up "greying" too.

    A lot of doodles end up lightening as they age (fading) like poodles.  What colour is the sire/father of your puppy?  Did he fade? That might give you some clues.


    • Thanks for your reply!!!

      wow they can continue to change for 5+ years! The dad is a fairly dark retriever (probably her colour now) and the mum is a dark red poodle! 
      thanks for your help!

  • I agree with J, that's probably the coarser adult coat starting to come in, and her color is going to fade as she gets older. She's not going to be white, but she'll probably fade to a light apricot. 

    • thank you karen for your reply :)

  • My dogs have all had a few white hairs pop up.  They are coarser and it doesn't fade to white, but might have some white ticking here and there.

    • Thanks Adina for your reply! :)

  • Our GoldenDoodle is almost 2 years old & some say his coloring called "Phantom" - he was born almost all black with tan legs & tan/white chest.  We knew he would change but WOW did he change!  One phase was tons of white hairs like in your pic - but LOTS of white hairs & we were concerned, too.  But we learned there is a "lightening/fading" gene in Poodles technically "Progressive Graying", I think - I'v7873880458?profile=RESIZE_930xe noticed some apricot pups that turn more tan/white and our Oliver Cooper has SOOOO much more white which covered his black now.  I've attached a few pics - hard to see the individual "white" hairs but thought I'd share our experience.

    • And here's My Oliver today!7873928876?profile=RESIZE_930x

      • Oh gosh he's so cute and wow what a change!! Like a completely different dog! Thanks for sharing that! 

        • Glad to help, Jess - Oliver is all of 70 lbs-ish & my perfect lap-dog.  I wouldn't trade him for the world - actually he IS my world!  Definitely take lots of pictures & videos they grow up fast & change a LOT just like children.  Enjoy your Pup 'cause I'm sure she adores YOU. . . . . . :)  

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