This morning while I was drinking my first cup of coffee and reading our local paper, I looked over and saw this...3364014585?profile=originalWhat, Mom??


Does anyone else have a doodle that eats this like? 

If so, do you have any pics that you would like to share?

I have never seen him do this and think he looks so goofy! Maybe it's a sign that he really likes his food or maybe he just wanted to start my day off with a laugh! If that's why he did it, it worked!!

If you're not laughing yet, what about this?


Have a great day! I sure intend to as I celebrate 6 years today as a breast cancer survivor!  Wahoo!!!

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  • Calla always eats lying down like that unless she's stealing Luca's food and needs to make a quick getaway.

    • He sometimes drinks laying down but it's always after a nice long walk! 

    • Here she is :


      • Calla! I love your pink crate! Soooo cute! Glad you, too, can get comfy for dinner. ;o)

        • Thanks. Calla loves to eat lying down anywhere, but mostly it's in her crate.

      • Pink is my favorite color!!  I really need to get a female doodle!! Thanks, F, for posting this pic -- maybe Knox isn't as goofy as I thought!

        • When I wanted a second doodle I really wanted a female since I have 2 sons and Luca.

          • I really have never seen a pink crate! If I get a female, I'm calling you!
            • I'll try but I found it somewhere on the net.

              It is rather unique : ) What really happened was I had a great big crate for Luca. I wanted one for Calla but I accidentally bought a smaller one which she still creeps into upstairs. It was convenient when she was a pup. She's in it now : )


              But I wasn't going to ship it back so I needed a big crate. So I found this inexpensive pink crate. It came with a dent in the bottom. I complained they gave me some money back : ) So it became a really cheap crate.

              • Awww. Calla nestles herself in there, doesn't she! I love to see dogs that wiliing go into their crates and stay -- with the door open! That's clearly Calla's "den!"

                Sounds like a pink crate may be a hard find! I'll have to keep my eyes open! Of course, there are no immediate plans for my female doodle -- something has to happen to my 13 year old Jack first and I don't even want to think about that!!
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